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Friday, December 31, 2010

Party Animal

Tea Rat wants to wish you all a safe and cozy new years

and Rattus

wants to show you his new teddy bear!

Have a safe and warm 2011 everyone!


Angelsdoor * Penny said...

TEA RAT! Wake up and put your boots on.. Time to party!
RATTUS I love your new Teddy... This is so CUTE!
Happy New Year
Mum sends her love

The Dutchess said...

YEEEEE everybody..ITS A NEW YEAR...And I am so happy to start this one with you all...

The Dutchess said...

And are you playing the piano Rattus..love your teddy..

Jacqueline said...

Hey Tea...Pippy will paint your nails in January...for free, no charge. Well, maybe you can share your tea or cheese please.

Hey Rattus...Better hold on to your teddy for dear life...Pippy collects them!

Offerings and warnings from Gretta...
Time to live it up! Pippy is out of jail, she was in for one day for stealing teddy bears and about to arrive in Nowhere next week. She is full of wiggles, a little on the hyperactive side.

I know you will all set her on the good path to Nowhere.

Cheers to the year!
Gretta and Pippy!