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Saturday, October 10, 2009

In the Den...

In another place..in a wonderful forest on a hilltop,a lovely lady stood puzzled at the entrence of a Den..she knew this place..she was here before..a friend of her lived here..a big cuddly bear...Its very dangerous to enter this Den..you might get lost, or eaten by Zwumps..nobody knows what Zwumps are..but believe me,they live in this big hollow tree..this Den..where Mozes lived..Now,nobody has seen Mozes for weeks..wel,he did come back one night for the harvest dinner...but after that..Early this morning this lovely lady saw a little mouse coming out of the Den..well, if it wasn't Miss Moussie..waving goodby to someone..what was she doing there...Strange place this Den..a coming and going of creatures who don't seem to be frightened of Zwumps at all..
Then the lady called out...'Mozes..are you in there'...'Mozes'...but the only answer she got was an echo...She didn't dare to go in...better wait till Mozes got back from his journey...she turned around and headed home..dinner was to be served at 8..at another den..in the Hilltop Hall.

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Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh dearest Dutchess,
This is the Tea Rat. I know exactly where Mozes is! A couple of pages back in our little story, he started showing signs of hibernation! He has slipped into a corner of Zwumpland, just 24 km north of the big hollow. He is perfectly safe, snoring away. He has commissioned me to take his place at the dinner table; so......I will be eating for two tonight. Thank you very much, TEA