...........“That’s the place to get to —nowhere.........

One wants to wander away from the world’s some-wheres, into our own nowhere.”

Monday, August 22, 2016

The garden is glowing

with the dancing wicks 





It's in this garden

eight years ago

that I met a mouse

But this mouse

did not scurry from one end of my patch to another

but rather

from one side of the Atlantic

to this side of 


Dank goede vriend

for telling us the story 

of a Big Bear and a Little Mouse

for sparking the creation of 

Tea Rat and Rattus

for entertaining Bebe and all the other characters

of our improvisation.

We have fond memories of you.

Happy Birthday

fijne verjaardag lieve zuster. 


Monday, June 27, 2016

You Taught Me How to Dance - Happy Birthday Dearest Penny

They're  coming.

anita pelayo rivera

They're coming 

from all ends of Nowhere

such as 

The Castle of Butter

anita pelayo rivera

Witzend Park

anita pelayo rivera

and the hidden chambers


the childhood heart.

photo anita pelayo rivera Bebe the mouse by Penny White

They're coming to celebrate

the beginning of a life

that taught


all of us...

how to dance.

We are separated only

by miles and time.

But the imagination 

truly knows no borders

therefore dearest Penny,

we all wish you a 

anita pelayo rivera

 Tea Rat has baked cakes to sell

anita pelayo rivera Tea Rat felted animal by Penny White

cakes by Penny White and Violet Skiles

and has sold the last slice 

of blueberry cheesecake.

anita pelayo rivera Wink the mouse by Penny White

and though all the sweets are long gone

we will always have a picnic

in Nowhere

thanks to you.

anita pelayo rivera

Happy birthday beloved friend.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Happy Birthday Nita..

                Wishing you a beautiful day..


Friday, April 8, 2016

Welcome Spring with Bebe

Spring has arrived with the sweet scent of flowers.. Come sit with me dear friends,  and enjoy the day. Please do not startle me, as I am taking a wee nap under the tree... Maybe Miss Moussie  would bring a basket full of goodies,  and I know Tea Rat would have plenty of Raspberry Tea.. 
Rattus, do you have a butterfly net? 
Love, Bebe 

Saturday, April 2, 2016


To our beloved 


anita pelayo rivera photography

Welcome home and a speedy recovery

from all of your friends here


Nowhere who love you so.

Carry on dearest.

We will be here for YOU!

anita pelayo rivera photography

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Please join Bebe for a picnic in Nowhere...

shhhhhh....May I tell you a secret ?  Bebe is hosting a picnic  in Nowhere....

I wonder if this book will help me locate Bebe...

 I better get going.... That owl may just beat me to it..

 What the! This is not the zoo!  Does this mean I have to go home?

Hello my dear Nowhere friends. 
It won't be long now.. Valentines day is in a few short weeks, no?
So I have put out some luscious grapes, cheese (yum) Italian bread and must not forget the TEA....
So please sit awhile... Enjoy nature, good friends, a lots of food!

Maybe if the weather permits, even dip our tiny toes in the water. The weather in Nowhere is always beautiful!
Love and kisses


Dearest Bebe and friends, can I, can I PLEASE 
bring my horse Neptune to the picnic?
We promise FREE rides
all day long along the banks of the creek.

Penny White Felted Creations!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Don't look up in the sky

Look out on the road


Tea Rat 

is coming to town

in his pick-up truck!

anita rivera


he does have a reindeer with special abilities

anita rivera

(shhhhh.....Rattus knows nothing about this
newest addition to Witzend farm)


transport him above 

the Nowhere atmosphere

and to wish 

all of you

dear friends from Nowhere's past

lovely Christmas holiday. 

Come on guys, 


Saturday, November 28, 2015

Bebe and the Christmas Goose

Please join me in Nowhere.  A little birdie told me a Christmas Goose was wandering in the snow.

I thought I would bring a few friends.. 

A Christmas Goose you say, Bebe?

Come on Tink... We are almost there... 

Oh my! Now this is rather a silly looking goose, don't you think?

I would like to give you a Christmas kiss, Ms.Gander

Kiss, kiss!!!

awwww.. Thank you.  Love your hat!

Everyone should arrive soon.. 
Love is in the air.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Bebe is hosting a Masquerade Ball in Nowhere

Come one, come all..  We are having a Masquerade Ball in Nowhere...  Napoleon  will greet you at the door. Don't forget your costume..  It will be held at the Castle of Butter. 
We hope to see you there.


TEA RAT: Rattus old man, let our pumpkins turn into more carriages to transport all of our friends to the Butter Castle as we begin this magical ball!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Happy Birthday Rattus!!! Love Bebe and all your Nowhere friends

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Rattus
We all love you, yes we do!

Last day of summer,  grab your board and let's hit the surf!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

OK Bebe, I'm Ready!

Tea Rat: Rattus, Bebe has challenged us for another summer fling

at the beach!

Rattus: I heard. YOU ARE NOT thinking of getting on a dolphin's back? IT IS NOT CIVILIZED! Besides, where are you going to find an obliging dolphin?

Tea Rat: Rattus, since WHEN have you known me to be CIVILIZED as you define it? Bebe dearest, let's show Rattus we mean business.....SEE PREVIOUS POST!

penny white illustrations

Tea Rat: There Rattus, THERE! LOOK OUT ON THE BEACH:

Rattus: Yes, I see a dolphin, doing what dolphins do: SWIM AND RACE! How are you going to wrangle a FISH?

Tea Rat: You have NO faith old man. AND DOLPHINS ARE NOT FISH. They are MAMMALS! How long have we known each other? (Tea Rat whistles) YIHHHAAAAAA! COME ON BEBE, I'LL RACE YA!

BEBE: I'm out here already Tea Rat! You better hurry because my SEA HORSE is running hard! WOO HOOO!

Tea Rat: That's my kind of mouse. Look at the control she has over that steed! I better get GOING! HERE I COME BEBE!

Rattus: I've never seen a rat on a fish wearing boots but that MOUSE BEBE IS SMASHING!

Tea Rat: MAMMAL! And I BET YOU'VE NEVER SEEN THIS EITHER: A rat drinking tea and properly BALANCING HIS TEA CUP !


Come on Bebe! Bring your friends and race!

RATTUS: I'm going to the Nowhere Bakery to pay Mrs. Filpotts a visit and get my own cheesecake. ENOUGH of that racing rubbish!

RATTUS: Good day Madame! I'd like to get one of your freshly baked cheesecakes!

MRS PHILPOTTS: Ohhhhhhh so sorry, we are fresh out!

RATTUS: How can that be? There's one right here, in front of me....has this town gone mad?

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Grab your swimsuit!

Hello dear Nowhere friends!  Bebe here..
.  Grab your swimsuit, pail and shovel
Hurry please, I am seeing double
My goggles  are foggy and the ocean is cold.

Go to the Castle of Butter
And look straight down the hill,
You will see me standing there
With my shovel and pail.
So let's take one last swim
Before the cold weather arrives.
The Dolphins are playing
And offering rides!

Love and sandy kisses!


Monday, August 24, 2015


To our beloved Dutchess

a most wonderful BIRTHDAY 


Monday August 24!

We love you!

Anita, Ruben, Penny, and all the creatures of our imaginations and hearts.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Gardening at Witzend


RATTUS: Who in the blazes is yelling from the garden at this hour?

TEA RAT: Well that's Mr. Philpotts....

RATTUS: And who, pray tell, is Mr. Philpotts?

TEA RAT: Well, he's our new gardener of course, since you have taken to sitting in the garden rather than weeding it!

RATTUS: Our new gardener, of course, well forgive me, I should have known we had a gardener...

MR. PHILPOTTS: Mi Lord! Mi Lord! I've found something!


TEA RAT: Well, you know, one has to demonstrate to the help who's in charge and all that....

RATTUS: Right. (Rattus roles his eyes)

TEA RAT: Yes Philpotts, what have you found? CRIKEY! RATTUS, COME STRAIGHT AWAY! Oh I don't believe it, could it be?

Mr. Philpotts: It looks like an airplane, Mi Lord, like the poot-poots of old Nowhere!


RATTUS: Yes, MI LORD!(eyes roll WAY back)

RATTUS: I don't believe it. I thought we crashed that contraption years ago...

TEA RAT: She's a splendid vessel!

RATTUS: SHE HAS TWO OF HER PROPELLER WINGS MISSING, AND HER TWO FRONT WHEELS! You wouldn't be able to stay in the air or land properly. Give it up, son.

TEA RAT: But look, her back wheel is still intact....can't we call on Mozes to go into his tool shed and fix her up?

RATTUS: Give it up

TEA RAT: But how will we get around for more summer magic fun? Bonie went back to Italy, and how are we ever going to transport ourselves beyond our imaginations?

Suddenly, Rattus feels a snort of hot air over his shoulder...

RATTUS: Tea Rat, come quickly!


TEA RAT: Whoah....whoah big feller....Rattus....shhhhhh....stay still...

TEA RAT (in a whisper): Rattus....my wishes have been answered...meet our new mode of transportation, our new friend...



White Whisper from the Sea

Penny, thank you kind, talented 

and generous friend 





where angels dwell.