Saturday, March 8, 2014

Happy Anniversary

I say old thing, have you done 


jolly with your hair?


No dear sir, what I am donning on

my genius crown is called a 


(that woman took a piece of paper and taped it to my head...shhhh)

the official headgear 

that is the mark of a 


pastry chef.



And why, pray tell

have you taken up this occupation,

and why must you wield such 

a large knife?


Because it is a very special weekend

and I have been commissioned to 

create a three-layer cake 


grand proportions 

in order to mark 32 years of 

marital bliss. 


Splendid job old fellow,

but for whom?


Well for Ruben and Anita

of course,

those two "peeps" 



who love to live 



with their dear friends.



Bebe dear, thank you for

lending a helping paw!

You and I are a team...can you

imagine the cakes we could make together?

penny white creations!

OH UH.....the orders are coming in...



All felted animals by

Original illustrations of Tea Rat and Rattus

Anita Rivera

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Rattus is Home from Hospital

Oh how I love freshly washed linens.

Rattus will love coming home to 

his own bed.

His fainting couch just needs some fluffing up

and he will just adore

this new English translation of Molière;

Rattus is not fluent in French like MOI. 

I better get his cheese and crackers soup started 

before he arrives - this will get him in a good mood.

I better tune my harp so I can butter him up with

the Smooth Tones of Tea Rat.


OH good heavens, he's here...

Entrez, s'il vous plaît!


Old man, the cottage looks splendid...what have you been up to?

Tea Rat:

Son, I've been preparing your homecoming. I have baked you 

puddings and..


(He's up to something)

- Witsend hasn't been this clean in years.



am I looking at?

Tea Rat:

Oh that...

I've have this goose for years and


Have you gone mad, sir? Another one of your animal rescues?

Tell me, who will pick up after her? You

know how quickly food goes through a goose?

I absolutely refuse to share my home with 

a goose - UNDERSTAND?


Hmmmm.....he did go to a lot of trouble getting my 

smoking room in order...

Tea Rat old thing - you can keep the goose.

Tea Rat:


Can I keep the large white owl too, huh

please, huh?

The wonderful felted creations by

PENNY WHITE of Angelsdoor!

Photographed by Anita Rivera

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Lovely Flowers

Penny White felted animals


Tea Rat:  Where is he? Where is my friend? WHERE HAVE YOU PUT HIM?

Nurse #1:  Calm yourself. I'll sort it out. Where is who? (Lovely flowers by the way.)

Tea Rat:  Don't play coy with me. WHERE IS HE?

Nurse #1:  Sir, I assure you, I'm not playing coy with....

Tea Rat:  WHERE IS...? Oh, really? Why not?...I mean...WHERE IS HE?

Nurse #1:  Who?

Tea Rat:  You know who. Rattus Scribus, my dearest friend in the wide world. I was told he was in hospital. I've come with flowers and an ocean of sympathy. Now where is he? If anyone's harmed him....

Nurse #1:  Nurse #2, call the doctor. This rat is getting out of control. (Lovely flowers notwithstanding.)

Nurse #2:  I'm on it. (Yes, lovely flowers. I can see that.)


Doctor:  Calm yourself. May I help you? (Lovely flowers by the way.) 

Tea Rat:  What is this? Tales from the Dark Side? I already told Nurse #1. I'm here to see my friend, Rattus.

Doctor:  Yes, yes. "With flowers and an ocean of sympathy". But Rattus who?

Tea Rat:  Cheese and crackers! This is a small village hospital of at most 10 beds. How many Rattuses can you have here? RATTUS! RATTUS! Look it up, you bureaucratic clot?

Doctor:  Nurse #2, call security. This rat is getting out of control. (Lovely flowers notwithstanding.)


Security:  Calm yourself. May I help you? (Lovely flowers by the way.)

Tea Rat:  Cheesus! Is this a hospital or a looney bin? RATTUS!  RATTUS, WHERE ARE YOU...?
Rattus:  I'm here old fellow, right here.

Nurse #1:  Yes, he's right there. (Lovely flowers.)

Nurse #2:  (Yes, lovely.)

Doctor:  Right there. (Lovely.)

Security:  Calm yourself. (Lovely flowers by the...)

Tea Rat:  Will everyone please stop? [Enters room] Rattus, my dear rat, I've found you at last. The most logical, level-headed fellow I know. Are you all right? If they've harmed....

Rattus:  Calm yourself. (Lovely flowers by the way.) 

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day from Bebe

Thank you, dear friends of Nowhere, for always being there for me, and giving me years of love and laughter here in Nowhere..  A place where the heart is always happy!
Happy Valentine's Day!
Love and kisses


Saturday, February 1, 2014

A Masterpiece

Tea Rat: Rattus....RATTUS, OLD MAN! I need more water for my paint pot and more importantly, my tea pot. Hurry! I think I'm on to an idea here...

penny white felted animals

Tea Rat: Hmmm....I'm not quite sure from what angle I should begin...

penny white felted animals

Tea Rat: RATTUS! For the love of Earl Grey, where are you when I need you? I need my tea pot filled, as any good artist sips on a either a glass of wine or a cup of tea as the muse begins to flow!

penny white felted animals

Tea Rat: I've GOT IT! I know exactly what to paint!

penny white felted animals

Tea Rat: I guess I'll have to start without a fresh pot of tea. Here goes...

penny white

Tea Rat: Right. The overall appearance is excellent; there is a sensitive harmony of hues and the value mass balance is most fascinating. However, I am a bit concerned about the flatness of the background. There needs to be a bit more irregularity without compromising the linear perspective of the piece...

tea rat (anita rivera)

Tea Rat: Ahhhhh....Finally! The curves are most balanced with the mass of the subject and the color composition does not compromise the overall perspective of the subject. A MASTERPIECE!

tea rat (anita rivera)


Thanks to Penny White, I am the best masterpiece of all. 

penny white

Saturday, December 14, 2013

There's No Place Like Nowhere

Once upon a breath

in time

Tea Rat by Anita

A little mouse was inspired 

to invent a place


and invite her friends  across "the pond"

to join her 

Travelin' Show...

Castles Crowns and Cottages

Miss Moussie by the Dutchess

Many years have passed

but the memories will never leave.


There's No Place Like Nowhere.

Happy Christmas dear friends!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Mouse Inspector has come to Nowhere

You can run, but you can't hide!  I am looking for mice and a rat they call Tea Rat? Sound familiar to you?  My name is Sir William..... The Mouse Inspector
I will find you. As  you can see I have captured one mouse on my way down the path to Nowhere.

 Come little ones, hurry, over here.. I will hide you..  I am friend to all creatures, great and small.
I am the Winter Princess.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Bebe's Halloween Ball

It is that time of year again  for spooky fun and  a Halloween party!

Ok, so what do you think, like the mask?
I seeeee you
Miss Moussie, I hope you will be able to make it.. Would not be a party without you.

Hey...  Do you have to be a mouse to attend?  I need some party time..

Do I look like a mouse to you?   I will be there, just as soon as I find my party hat!
Hey.... Where is that Tea Rat and Rattus.. I hear they are a real HOOT at a party.

Pumpkin and PI here... Oh good!  That means EVERYONE may attend...

Someone find me a mirror!  Rat Butler will be steaming.

You may borrow ours dear as soon as we are finished...

Up there, Scarlet,  get the lead out!  We don't want to be late... 

I need a date for the party... Any one interested?

Nope, not me.   I am waiting for the mouse of my dreams...
.As always,  I am the only one ready...  Did anyone remember to invite
 Dimity Doormouse?   

Wake me when the quests  arrive




Dearest Bebe, let me finish putting on my costume....

AHH....there you go...Oh Rattus,
can you please play my introduction music for
dramatic effect? Thank you, sir....

And enter JASPER the dancing poodle...

  Excellent. Now enter Tea Rat again....

Come on sista, let's dance!

Well look who's here. HAMISH from Hopalonghollow!

watercolor by Anita for Jeri Landers

and MORE guests are welcomed 

to join Bebe's fabulous Boo Hour party.


Let it never end.