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Monday, June 29, 2015

A new visitor has arrived in Nowhere

Hello there...  My name is Bebe... Welcome to Nowhere...  Who would you be?
My name is Napoleon.  I spotted you as I was flying above... I was told I could find the sweetest creatures here...  I hear tell Nowhere is a land of magic, love and laughter...  Where are all your friends, dear Bebe.

Bebe:  When I spotted you up in the sky I sent out a signal to all who live here...Please rest and have a cup of tea.  
 They should arrive soon.. I am sure  they will give you  a very warm welcome... 


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

TEA RAT: Rattus old man, is this who I think it is? Could it be? Could it be Bonie, good old Bonie from way back in the day with Josephine?

RATTUS: Surely it's not him old thing. Evidently, this is a wise old owl who has heard tell that Nowhere is a land of sweet creatures (needless to say an abundance at WITZEND with you in charge of who lives at Witzend)and who knows that magic, love and laughter rule here!

TEA RAT: Well of course....how could I be so daft....NAPOLEON! BONJOUR! Welcome! You are being greeted by Nowhere's sweetheart and you will find no other creature who is so willing to accommodate your every wish. She can bake, she can sew, fly planes, make the best picnic basket, and she is our darling. Are you planning to stay with us? WE HOPE SO!!!!!!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh Penny, WELCOME TO NAPOLEON! We need a wise bird who can fly above the action to get a bird's eye view of what is before us, who can warn us (though Nowhere is free from danger), who can see into the future just a few steps ahead of us! How I love owls and you know it! Napoleon has lovely fluffy feet and a gentle look and I SEE THE PINK LADIE'S EARS! teeheheheheee

I love little Bebe's bonnet! This watercolor is beautiful, displaying the colors of Nowhere that I love and remember and keep very close to my heart. Ruben and I both just want to run to Nowhere and play all day.

Tea Rat has a few things up his sleeve too and will be back in a week after Napoleon gets acquainted with everyone. HUGS AND HAPPINESS to you!

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Bebe: Napoleon, are you good ol Bonie?

Napoleon: No, not me, but these two rats sound like they are going to be good friends... I do believe I have found a great place to rest my wings!!
Speaking of which.. Tea Rat and Rattus... I have been giving rides high up in the clouds since I acquired my licence to fly... Rides are free, as I love what I do. I will need someone to make a sign for me.

Bebe: Oh Napoleon, I would love a ride too! I am pretty good at making signs.. I will go see what I can come up with and dash right back...
Tea Rat and Rattus... Please keep Napoleon company till I return.

Jeanie said...

Penny, it is simply enchanting. How we love Bebe!

And how I love it when you visit. I am neglectful in thanking you for your lovely and kind comments but I hope you know how much they are appreciated!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

TEA RAT: Rides? Did someone say RIDES high up in the air, and FREE RIDES?

RATTUS: Now you just wait a minute, chappy....the last time you and I were up in the air resulted in a disaster and may I remind you that was the day you lost your beloved red boots and that you have not been able to find another pair as such since? And that we crashed?

TEA RAT: Ah, remember old thing where we landed? AT THE PUB? And we had three pints each to ease the pain? Come now, Bonie is offering FREE RIDES and unlike moi, he has obtained his license. It's summer, we must give it a go.....

RATTUS: Napoleon, may I see your credentials?

TEA RAT: If there's anyone you can trust old man, it's Bonie. He is a top notch, 100% BONAFIDE pilot!

RATTUS: BONAFIDE SCHMONAFIDE! I want to see his papers!

TEA RAT: (Bonie, give me some time to massage Rattus. I'll book our flight now with you for Friday evening, thank you)


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

TEA RAT: Come on Bebe dear, strike up a sign; we need to get everyone else up to date that Bonie is giving rides! Maybe the Divine Miss Moussie will come out for a spin with us!

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

NAPOLEON: Rattus ol chap... I fear I have left my credentials at the, at the, well, at the pub! But I will get them to you straight away...
Bebe is working on that sign... I will ask her to hurry it up.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

TEA RAT: Bebe dearest, you are a princess. The sooner the signs go up, the more inhabitants will know of these services, and the more Rattus will trust that Bonie is a certified navigator of the heavens.

RATTUS: I HEARD THAT! You are NOT getting me up there until I see those papers. Napoleon, I shall wait until you obtain the proper documents.

TEA RAT: (Rattus needs to unwind a bit...shall we have some fun with him today? teaheeeeeeee)

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

BEBE: Rattus my dear ol chap.. You must contain yourself.. Let's not scare our new friend away... I think a cup of tea might calm you down and fix you right up...

The Dutchess said...

O how wonderful..I just came home...give me a minute..xoxo

The Dutchess said...

First of all..Welcome welcome Napoleon..I am honored with your visit..and you are going to stay...YES!

Bebe ..that's a wonderful friend you invited..he looks ever so Owly..
I understand you are now making a sign..for the free ride..
We are so happy to accept the invitation..lead the way...

The Dutchess said...

...the little mouse came closer..

She was curious about something..she wanted to know where this owl came from.. So...she asked..

-Excuse me ..beg your pardon..but I simply MUST know..there is something about your appearance..its a..what shall I say..very Italian..And your name being...Napoleon..like..from Napoli..and like a Lion..Just asking..

the much to her surprise Napoleon gave Miss Moussie a wink..

Did this mean she was right..

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

TEA RAT: MISS M.!!!!!! OH divine one, I am ever so....

RATTUS: Contain yourself chappy. I'm all for that cup of tea to calm my nerves and I think you need to comport yourself! But is sure is divine to see MISS M. back here, telling her mouse tales! Yes, I think Napoleon winked because Miss M. is correct; he is of Italian nobility and a LION at heart!

TEA RAT: Does this mean you trust Bonie? Do ya, do ya? Can we go up then on his wings and take Bebe and Miss M. with us for a panoramic view of Nowhere and beyond?

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh Dutchess dear, it is so good to have you "home" here with us, to tell your stories again.

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

NAPOLEON: So nice to meet you, Miss Moussie... And yes, I am Italian... My home is in Tuscany.
Tea Rat and Rattus. Please grab your scarf, I will be ready to fly this evening... I would love to take you all for a ride above the clouds.

BEBE: I am almost finished with the sign. Then we will take flight.

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

NAPOLEON: Thank you Bebe for the sign. Now I am all ready to offer rides.

BEBE: No one has arrived yet Napoleon... Will you take me up first?

NAPOLEON: Of course! I will be happy to. Climb on, and hang on tight.
Away we will go!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

TEA RAT: HERE I AM! Is there room for two rats?

RATTUS: Oh no, no....you can count me out, Napoleon...

TEA RAT: SON! Mind your manners!

RATTUS: (But what about his credentials?)

TEA RAT: You have two more passengers Bonie....here we come. Ooops...we can't fit, can we....

RATTUS: You go without me, chappy. I'll watch you ascend on the wings of wisdom, from EARTH!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh Penny, your drawing is SWEET as summer raspberry pie.....I LOVE NAPOLEON! Tea Rat is getting is scarf and is ready to head into the evening clouds. He regrets that Rattus is staying on the ground because we are ready to see the Milky Way tonight!

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Oh thank you Anita! As soon as Bebe comes down Tea Rat will be next. I think I see Napoleon making a loop around the clouds!

The Dutchess said...

-The little mouse saw the Owl flap his wings..yes..she thought..strong like a lion..very trustworthy..

-Is there a seat for a lady like me..on your feathered wings..she then asked whilst winking back..

Well...I do believe Miss Moussie is flirting with Napoleon..

(Love the drawings dearest Penny..sweet)

O.M.G Bebe...LOOPINGS squeaked Miss Moussie in a fright. TEA...! Clouds and Milky ways...they are not to be trusted..I just want to glide....swirl and swish..

Christel said...

Hazel: "well, first of all, let me say, you are one dapper bird! Handsome, that is if an Owl might be considered handsome..yup, that's it, you are a handsome, and surely, wise owl Napolean, and I want to welcome you, and reserve a flight! I live on the outskirts of town, but visit here whenever I can. Nowhere is my very favorite place to visit, and I, like you, was welcomed into the magical, wonderful world a few years ago. If you don't mind answering questions, and giving advice, I'm sure I'll have more than a few! Be sure to enjoy some baked goods, and tea while you are here,Nowhere has the best! xoxo Hazel

Penny, your drawings are delightful, and so sweet, love them!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

TEA RAT: Well, was that ever an invigorating FLIGHT! Oh Bonie, you give the best rides; shall I write up a review for the Nowhere Bugle and the Nowhere Gazette (Rattus's morning read wit his tea)to convince him that your free rides are a must? AND MISS M.! Swish, glide, float on the surface of the blue, and touch the black universe...it's the best! I did that last night!

Hazel dearest, welcome back as we all celebrate the kindness that is the air we breathe here in Nowhere.

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

BEBE: I knew you would have a great ride Tea Rat! You are so good with the pen. Yes, do a write up in the Nowhere Bugle and Gazette. It will make a good read.
Now, who is next? Miss M... I believe it is your turn to swirl, swish and glide through the sky..
Welcome back dear Hazel, how we have missed you.. I do hope you will stay awhile.

Rattus Scribus said...

My dear Aunt Rodentia,
I look to post this letter tomorrow and I pray it finds you well and in good spirits. I write to tell of our new friend, Napoleon, an Owl most amiable, from a good family from that boot-shaped land of Romans, Renaissance and ricotta, oh my.

My dearest friend, Tea Rat, whom you have met on several occasions and had the misfortune of considering yourself more schooled in Teaology than he, which proved embarrassing to yourself when, upon a challenge by you, proceeded without hesitation to relate the major types of tea from the Brahmaputra River to the Russian Steppes, their ancient cultivars, and epicurean and medicinal properties.

Well this same Tea Rat, insisted we go flying with the aforementioned Napoleon Owl. But as I was then entirely unacquainted with the fellow, and due to trauma I still bear from a balloon misadventure in which TR and I almost lost our very lives, I insisted on the production of flying credentials. And as no credentials were forthcoming, I kept my paws on terra firma.

Then, by some miracle of chance that seems to surround my friend Tea Rat like the very ocean itself, of a sudden he produced the flying credentials, and despite my continued reluctance, we were off in the wild blue yonder before you could say, well, wild blue yonder.

You know I loathe to bring attention to my the excellence of my character and significant accomplishments, but I can say with all candor and humility that I comported myself with honor and decorum in the upper firmament wherein repose eagles.

I relate all this to you in the event that Tea Rat writes to you with a different account. You know how prone he is to exaggeration, drama, and hyperbole, and will no doubt have seen in my behavior during our flight with Napoleon a much more diminished form of me that was the case.

In short, I was a god of the skies and your nephew did you proud.

Your affectionate


Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Teeeheeeeeee! Oh what a day... Just like old times, everyone is here. So happy you made it Rattus!
Your faithful friend

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

TEA RAT: You know me by now Rattus, old friend, old colleague with whom I've lived in Witzend for years...you know I get up at least three hours before you and I read my newspaper and gnaw my way through any document and circumnavigate the literary world. I read the draft of this letter before you posted it, and I made some revisions. teeehehehehe

But I must say, you were splendid. You were formidable, you were indeed, a god on the wings of wisdom as Bonie took us for a short whirl over the Lake of Tea....but I need to remind you that you bruised my hindquarters last night as you HELD ON TIGHTLY to me every time Bonie made a quick swoop down at my request! Come now old thing, who's the king of hyperbole, whose your commander in chief?


Rattus Scribus said...

My dearest TR,

Normally I would not presume to dispute you, but my conscience takes its cue from the motto of the fine state of New Hampshire: Live Free or Die. So I must protest your version of events regarding our flight on Napoleon's back.

As I recall, I was entirely at home on old Bony and the clouds. And even when Flight Attendant Bebe came by with the cart, offering a complimentary beverage and the annoying palmful of peanuts ubiquitous on all domestic peeps flights nowadays, I refused both, not, as you claim because flying makes me so nervous that I had my face in a barf-bag for the entire flight. No. No. I simply refused in protest to the good old days when air travel used to provide real food -- sausages, ham, great heaps of bread slathered in butter, whole assortments of cheese, and beer to beat the band -- all for free.

And as for those bruises on your hindquarters: they were not produced because I was clutching onto you in fear. It is just that airlines have continued to shrink the size of passenger seating in order to squeeze more peeps into their flights and more money into their pockets. And I am afraid, dear fellow, that your considerable weight and girth were pinched tight in those accursed seats, and THAT is what caused the bruising on your hind parts.

These are the facts which I have written to Auntie Rodie, so please do not confuse her with your confabulations.

Your friend,

It was really in poor taste to send Auntie Rodie that used barf-bag sealed in clear plastic along with your letter. It upset her delicate stomach to look on it, and she tore open the plastic and used the horrid thing herself. She was not amused.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

TEA RAT: I LOVE A GOOD ARGUMENT, OLD MAN! How about another spin on Old Bonie's back tonight. I hear Bebe is on duty again and you can prove your courage by sitting up close to Bonie and help NAVIGATE! How 'bout that?

Rattus Scribus said...

My old friend Tea Rat,

I simply cannot go on flight tonight. My schedule is full with commitments of both academic and humanitarian nature. To wit, I must finish a paper I will be presenting at the annual Cheese Curd Convention, the title of which will be: Blessed are the Cheese-Makers.

I also have been requisitioned by the Nowhere Order of Do-Gooders to, well, I'll say it straight, fix the world.

So I'll be a tad too busy to play silly games of flying on Owl's backs when there is so much grown up work to do right here on earth.


Jeri Landers said...

So sorry I am late to the welcoming party.Delighted to meet you Napoleon, I trust you are a vegetarian?I mean, with all these mice and rats about,Ī just assumed...Dimity Doormouse