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Saturday, March 27, 2010

"Miss Moussie's Cirque de la Lune a Smash Hit, with One Moment of Lunacy."

Reprinted by Popular Demand from the Original Review
By Rattus Scribus, Critic at Large.

It would be broaching redundancy here to repeat yet more accolades for what is by now universally acclaimed to be a smashing success for Miss Moussie's Cirque de la Lune or Travelin' Show.

Miss Moussie's show electrifies, surprises, conjures childhood happinesses, sings with love long lost and regained, inspires the dream in all of us that anything is possible, and so what are we waiting for?

The juggling and trapeeze acts were a homage to the heights of creature coordination and agility.

I give extra marks to Mozes the bear for his courageous role which required he lay his manhood in the dirt, and wear a tutu. I understand, he bristled at first, saying, "This part is just not me." And Miss Moussie shot back: "You're an actor. Act like it IS you." The show went on, and that's what matters.

Let us be clear, however, that Joli's Can Can is not suitable for young children. But let us be equally clear that I couldn't care less, and that children had no business here tonight.

The Cirque de Lune had but one moment of Luncacy.

The grand show was slightly disrupted when my dear colleague and friend Tea Rat (who has long been utterly smitten by the beauty and poise of Miss Moussie) abandoned all decorum and vaulted upon the stage, babbling something which from my venue was virtually incoherent to me. He was properly forthwith ejected stage right.

I shall chalk up my companion's behavior to the unbridled exuberance of fandom, and turn the matter a positive one for the show.

For Miss Moussie has no fan anywhere in Nowhere, no devoted disciple, no conquered heart, greater than my Eros ensorceled friend, Tea Rat.

So, do I give "The Travelin' Show" paws up or paws down?

Absolutely, two paws up.

Three Cheers, a hoot, and a rrrrr.

Rattus Scribus


The said...

HEAR HEAR...:))))

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Dear Rattus

I have to say that I agree. Smashing performance! I also must say that I love your wit... Thank you for the belly laugh!
Anita's illustration is priceless!!
Warm regards,



well done....2 tiny thumbs up!
your are delight and whimsy personafied!

ciao bella
thanks for your visits! it is always a pleasure hearing from you!


pussman said...

What a cute blg you have!
my husband emmydialtly recognised the movee trip to the moon!