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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Behind The Scenes

Tea: "I say old thing, who in Nowhere are these individuals?"

Rattus: "Well let me see, as I adjust my pince-nez and click and get a closer look....OH! Well of course; these are the people who are behind the scenes. Quite frankly sir, you wouldn't have a leg or a boot to stand on if it weren't for that first little dark-haired child with the orange socks." AND FOR THE LOVE OF PETE, PUT ON SOME CLOTHS TO PROPERLY GREET OUR GUESTS! AT LEAST PUT ON YOUR BOOTS...Have you no shame?"

Tea: "no."

Rattus: "Well then, the second child is the dear Dutchess from Hilltop; she is the maƮtresse of the center of your affections, Miss Moussie and....."


Rattus: "SHUT IT and let me continue..EHEM.....then, there is my man...the little chap with the blue jacket. I understand he has a fetish for blue coats, hence MY blue manteau. He is a brilliant mind and loves a good argument, a pot of tea and reading on a rainy night."

Tea: "And the lovely little ladies following him?"

Rattus: The girl with the curl is the spirit of Gretta my sir; she has a love for wonder and often finds herself in the most fantastic situations but always finds the grace to laugh and carry on."

Tea: WAIT! I think I am following now....the next sweet little lady is Penny, our dear Bebe's spirit, so helpful, ready to serve and the best friend any two rats could have, and quite a baker to boot!"

Rattus: "Oh, remember the blueberry pies old man? She is the wonder baker behind it all. But do you recognize the last little child with the dark pony tail?"

Tea: Ah yes....Tita, the wonderful artist. She is dear to us all, isn't she sir?" With her skillful pencil and hands, she inspires us all to run freely in Nowhere and Wit's End with Racoon."

Rattus: Nothing gets past you dear Tea.


Jacqueline said...

Peeking through the spy glass Gretta and Jacqueline sat side by side...it was a moment of conversation...

Do you see who I see Gretta? These friends are my far away friends but they live in my soul.

How can that be Jacqueline? Gretta blinked and a wee tear spilled out on Jacquelines lap.

Jacqueline handed Gretta a pink tissue as she sniffed and snorted and wheezed and spurted...I do believe we are both captivated by their "niceness and kindness" and we've fallen hopelessly enchanted with all of them said Gretta. Is this what hinders us that we cannot be on their sidewalk?

Yes my little Gretta. We cannot stand on their sidewalks but in our imagination we can sit in their living room, we can visit Wits End and beyond. We can picnic with Bebe and yes, you can fall in love with Raccoon. Those two rats are full of beans on most days. Yesterday I saw them doing cartwheels in their backyard! Imagine that!

Well Gretta said, wherever you go Jacqueline I go. Lets blow kisses up in the air and see how far they fly!

Hey Jacqueline! Yes Gretta. Do you suppose they will catch them?

I'm sure of it Gretta. Do you want to go now and wash your Poot-Scoot? The road to Nowhere will always lead us to them...Toot toot!

Rattus Scribus said...

Tea Rat: I say old thing, isn't it nice to know that we have the support and backing of so many wonderful friends?

Rattus: Indubitably.

Tea: Artists and bakers and story book makers?

Rattus: Manifestly.

Tea: Mice, hedgehogs and bears in the land of Nowhere?

Rattus: Undeniably.

Tea: Cottage parties and pubs to share with your buds.

Rattus: Conspicuously.

Tea: And flying in blimps is just not for wimps.

Rattus: Patently.

Tea: Rattus?

Rattus: Definitely.


Rattus: Uhh. Yes?

Tea: Have you heard a single word I've said?

Rattus: Absolutely!

Tea: Sure! What did I say?

Rattus: Isn't it nice to know that we have the support and backing of so many wonderful friends?

Artists and bakers and story book makers.

Mice, hedgehogs and bears in the land of Nowhere.

Cottage parties and pubs to share with your buds.

And flying in blimps is just not for wimps.

Did I get it right?

Tea: Indubitably.

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

I could not be happier than to walk beside, sit beside or fly with the gentle souls of Nowhere. Dear friends with imaginations that soar. Beautiful artwork Anita.. Oh, just a minute, Bebe just came in and is tugging at my skirt. She wants to say something.

I am so sorry I"m late... been over a the hanger.. Mozes is helping me put tires on my poot poot... Word is Tea and Rattus want to go flying and I will follow. Anyone want a lift?

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oooh! Another whirl around Nowhere and maybe over at the outskirts of our lovely country? How about BEYOND and over to Hilltop and pick up Mozes and Miss M. and Gustave? Let's go Bebe! I will bring the tea and biscuits and Rattus will bring his violin and we can sail high! Get that poot-poot ready!!! VRRROOOMMMM!!!!


Patricia Cabrera said...

Little racoonn have a sad story to tell, it is not all good in the woods...soon!

ps. As always Nita , i am delighted to see your interpretations.They are so sweet and innocent.

The Dutchess said...

Very lovely indeed..and great comment from Rattus.

We make a great team...:)Indubitably.