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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Granny Bloomberry

As the bubbles burst over Gretta's head she saw the paw reaching over the moss covered rock. She felt really really brave! Twas just a moment in time but it was enough "brave" for the battle! Just like her friend Mozes had taught little Gretta..."Face the giants in your life and knock em' dead Gretta!"

She gathered her courage in one paw and swatted at that big paw...A blueberry flew over the rock with another big ahhhh...chooo! Come out of there yelled Gretta! And, guess what? Out from the rock she came....landing flat on her fanny with a big ahhhh...chooo! Gretta got the giggles again and couldn't stop! The big monster had a blueberry on her head and didn't even know it. Her glasses were crooked also. Gretta could not believe the big ahhh..choooer was this old granny! With a sweet little voice the granny said..."Hello my dear little Gretta. Would you like a blueberry? You'll find my name on page 3 in your fairytale book." Gretta turned to page 3 and it showed a picture of her worse fear behind the moss covered rock. Twas the monster that threw rocks and blueberries...Granny Bloomberry was her name!

" Now Gretta, watch how fairytales come true...look back again at page 1 where you met Glimmer and Laiden and then on page 2...see how The Faerie Maiden of the Sea took you away on the little boat? Now, turn to page 4 and look behind the door..." Gretta turned the page and a wee little elf was sitting down...Kalmia Elf? The story told of Gretta eating Granny Bloomberry's magical blueberries and turning Gretta into an elf! Could it be true?
She heard a voice from the woods...it was Mozes and he whispered..."Yes...little Gretta, you can now be whomever you please to be...You have been changed forever and ever...for the good! The tasty blueberries you have always dined on have been good food for your belly but Granny Bloomberry's blueberries are magical."

Gretta was now an elf and she turned to page 5 and became a flower in her fairytale book...one that stood alone. She didn't want to be a flower...all alone.

Page 6 she popped two blueberries and became a beautiful plant. "No, no Gretta...you must THINK and WISH what you would like to be" Gretta immediately became a stork, a big beautiful stork with a crown. Oh....Gretta loved this journey to Nowhere! She could dream BIG and be BIG...BIG like Mozes, and even as BIG as Raccoon...Oh, how pretty she was as a stork!"
Gretta stood proud and looked way down at little Bebe, cute as can be. Gretta no longer had fur she had feathers! Could she possibly fly? All at once the fairy Glimmer flew by and landed on Gretta's beak. Glimmer put her hands on her hips and straightened her wings. "Oh, of course you can fly Gretta! What stork do you know that cannot fly? Here, in the land of Nowhere storks deliver the baby fairies. Now hold on to your crown and up, up and away we go"...leaving the wooded forest behind..


Martina said...

So cool! I'd like to eat these magic blueberries as well. And be a fairy and fly around in nowhere. And that granny mouse is so cute! Thanks for the story :)

The Dutchess said...

Magical..to be able to change for ever and ever in whatever you choose..wow...I love the part where Granny appears..she reminded me of my grandmother..she could of done a thing like that:))
Miss Moussie kindly asks..can she have some bleuberries..she will swap for some imaginary cookies!
Thanks for this lovely story dear..

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Fear no more dear Gretta... Granny Bloomberry has magic for you.. and what a sweet looking granny she is.
Bebe is also asking kindly.. One berry please?
Remember my little friend, a dream is only as far as one is willing reach.
Wonderful story!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Whew...it took me a while to get here, but here I am! I had my own adventure by the river with T.J., Bebe's flight instructor; she was giving me a ride on her jet-pack over the St. Croix River and what a lovely day....but Gretta dearest, your adventure is hard to beat....and BLUEBERRIES??? HOW ABOUT ME? GIVE ME SOME? HOW COME YOU GET TO EAT BLUEBERRIES AND NOT ME?????? HEY Miss M., wanna swap your blueberries for a cup of fine tea???

Yours truly, TEA RAT

Rattus Scribus said...
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Rattus Scribus said...

Cheese and crackers, dear oh dear, Rattus is beside himself. Creatures changing into elves, and plants and animals. What's next minerals? But I guess I should let him tell it in his own inimitable way.

Love the picture of Mozes in the woods. Wherever did you find that?

Tea Rat (using Rattus' google account).

P.S., and magic blueberries left?