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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Gretta & Gotcha Return to Nowhere

When one gives birth to a baby hedgehog, one must find a home in Nowhere. Gretta and baby Gotcha returned from the land of Gothere to look in Nowhere for a home to dwell in. Four dwellings were up for grabs! Would it be the stump near Rabbit Hill with the perfect upstairs nursery and a slide inside, that leads straight to the cellar where the pantry is well stocked? The Chateau Nowhere waved a "Congratulations" banner that spoke volumes. Gretta had her doubts about the Chateau for there were many places a baby hedgehog could hide or get down right lost!

The old stump house had finally came up for grabs. Gretta had wished with all her might that this home would be her home sweet home until a little cottage deep in the forest of Nowhere appeared, on the edge of Nowhere...

The little tiny dwelling was the perfect size for a mama and baby. As soon as they rounded the bend Gotcha squeaked out a GOTCHA and the home became their home, in a split second, a spin of a dime, it was the lucky find!

They named the little home HEDGEHOME and all was as well in Nowhere. The End!


The Bear's Blog said...

So sweet.

Hugs ♥

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning my sweet Greta!

You have found the PERFECT abode here. Nowhere has grown and has expanded its borders to even more magic, and it is with much regret that I say that Tea Rat's and Rattus's presence will be very sparse in this magical place. Busy teacher lives just don't leave much time for things, but thank you Greta dear for introducing a new generation of creatures!!!!!!

raioX - da Tin said...

Lovely >.<

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Dear Gretta
What a cozy home you have found for dear little Gotcha.. I will be more than happy to come help move you in..

p.s. Beautiful story Jackie!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

I just came over to join my friends. I am waiting to get ready to go to a dinner function tonight at the school, and before I did, I thought I would slip in the back door to NOWHERE....land of enchantment because of the friends found here.

Christel said...

Oh Greta, I think you have found THE perfect Hedgehome for you and baby! How wonderful, a place we can all come and visit! I think I will enquire about the tree stump home for myself, and perhaps Pippit priceless can come for a sleep over now and then, heck, I can have parties, and EVERYONE can come for a sleep over! XOXOX Hazel

Palomasea said...

What a perfect little Hedgehome..hee.
- Irina

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