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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Monster Tales.......

well friends, I'm back, and do I ever have an amazing story to unload!  I have been hearing rumors for quite awhile now.. Uncle Willie, who lives down by the park in his cardboard box, told me he had seen a  "creature"! Then he revised his story a bit, and told me he had not actually seen the creature himself, but he heard something, and it didn't sound good. He said "the noises that he heard were surely not human", whatever lives down the long lane behind the landfill is something he definitely would not want to run into on a dark night!

Well, you know me, ever adventurous, and brave! I made it my mission to find out just what it was that Uncle Wille had heard. I've been perusing these mean old city streets, and alleyways for nearly all of my eleven years, and I know just about every hiding place there is! I walked the long path so many times, I knew it like the back of my hand..well except that one long waterway that has long since dried up..no one goes down there, there's nothin' there..but a bunch of dirt and leaves, and moss..right?

Fast Freddie, and lazy Sal think they can scare me into not going, but the stories they made up about a monster taking skulls as trophys, sounds like a hoax to me..ha..a monster taking skulls.
.he hasn't met me,.... yet!
They even told little Eddy that they heard this "monster" took babies, and hid them in the bushes! Like I'm gonna believe that..like I'm gonna be scared! I told Fast Freddie, I heard  it was a one eyed, one horned, flyin' purple people eater..I think he believed me!  ha ha! anyways, I brought along my big stick..just sayin'

I have traveled a long way, and went down the long winding lane, and into the entrance of the underground waterway, and stopped in my tracks! I saw these two signs..hmm looks pretty suspicious to me, It could be a practical joke played by Fast Freddie, and Lazy Sal, those two are always up to no good, and to think they would try and scare poor old Uncle Willie..why that just ruffles my feathers!! ...  To put it nicely.

hmmm trolls..who ever heard of a real life troll? not me for sure, I heared tell of em in books, and such, but I don't read a lot, so I'm thinkin' they never really were real..just somethin' somebody dreamed up, you know, like Cinderella, or Snow white, and them stories. but Uncle Wille did say he heard something down here, at the end of the lane, where the old waterway used to run. Now would be a good time to have Rattus, and TeaRat along with me, They know their way around these old waterways, or Moses, his size alone would scare off a monster of any size..well, till they realized he's just an old softy.
I'd better do a little more investigating!

oh wait! what was that? I heard something, up there, behind the tall tall hill..these fools have my mind running in circles, I am imagining a giant troll there behind the the hill..could it be? was that a baby in the bush crying?,  it's getting dark, and all the shadows are starting to look like rows of skulls..dangitt! dangitt *&#$% ggrrr  Now they're making me curse, and I promised not to curse no more..I promised Pipitt, and Bebe!

What's that fluttering? why it's nothin' more than a pretty little dragonfly fairy, taking some sweet nectar...I knew it, it ain't no troll...jjeesshhh wwhheeeww what a relief, all that fuss over a monster, and it turns out to be a fairyfly!.

And just then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw them..can you believe it? Trolls really are real, Uncle Wille DID hear something, and Fast Freddie DID see something..and it IS a troll..it's a whole family of Trolls, but they're not scarey, and not even mean, heck, I think I scared them more than they scared me!

Everyone, meet our newest friends..the Frumpalumps from under the hill! I'm so glad I cleared that mystery up! tomorrow, I'm going to bring Uncle Wille here to meet them! Who knows, maybe one day, I can bring them to Nowhere, and introduce them to all my Nowhere friends.


The Bear's Blog said...

Whew....but my poor Prudence didn't let me finish reading this and she darted upstairs and is in her bed with her blankie over her head.

I have to go and get her, but I'll wait for a bit - it's soooo peaceful and quiet right now. Giggle.


A big welcome to your new neighbors.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Tea Rat: Oh dear, how horrid....Rattus old thing, what are these creatures? NOWHERE AS WE KNOW IT is evolving, son...what are we to do?


The Dutchess said...

O WOW...this is so great...I love a good scare...and I adore trolls...Must dash over to Mozes...

-Mozes..my man...there's a troll in the bushes...!!!!!!!!

The Dutchess said...

Mozes...what did you just say...A mole in the bushes..

- No..silly...would I be so exited when it was a mole...A TROLL I TELL YOU...


-Now..wonder why he doesn't answer...Mozes.my man..come out of you toolshed...!?!?

The Dutchess said...

Everybody..help...I believe Mozes just fainted..:)

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Mozes,wake up, wake up!!! You cannot faint..Get out of that toolshed and come over here with me please! I have been hiding behind the bushes. Are these friendly trolls?
Mum told me never to get near the trolls, but I will be brave if you are with me..
Tea Rat and Rattus..... Do you have smelling salts for Mozes?

Jacqueline said...

I once had a best friend and he was a troll. His name was Wish Nick and if you could stand his smell, all your wishes would come true...

(as told to her Nowhere friends and baby Gotcha from the rocking chair)

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