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Monday, August 31, 2009


I heard a faint cry; it sounded familiar...it was a sweet, distant sound that evoked memories of tea parties, happiness, safety and security. IT WAS HER! WHERE WAS SHE? Could it be....Miss Moussie? Mozes? Gustave? Mr. C.? Yes, Willy, it's them! But where are they?

We had just crossed the great wall. On the other side of the breathless stairway to NOWHERE, there was a different feel in the atmosphere: HOPE. My friends are with me on this path, trying to look for our destination; we are not alone, Willy and I. We will soon meet up with each other. We will all survive together.


Patricia Cabrera said...

Like in a mind of a child...lets forever remember that!*grin*

Jacqueline said...

Together, we are in this forever. Making our journey straight, in this narrow path in life...we press on towards our journey...I believe there are many choices...should we take the stepping stones, the path under that Willow tree, over the creek bed or down that waterfall...so many choices, which one is safest?