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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Rat....with a Tea...

The Tea rat was in a very Jolly mood...'My sweet Gretta',he said with a hickup..'will you do me the honor and dance with me..?
-O, how sweet of you ,smiled Gretta..I never danced with a mouse before..
-Rat...said Rat..with a Tea...and then he grabbed Gretta and they both did the Tea Rat Jive in the meadow..
Mozes stood there watching...he sure would like to join them..him being a dancing bear...Maybe he could do a little line dance with Raccoon......But where was Raccoon..
-My dear friend Rat,said Mozes...did you see Raccoon...sweet Gretta do you now where our bandit is hiding..?
In the middle of a magnificent twirl Gretta and the Tea stopped there dancing moves..
-What's that..said Gretta..I stepped in something sticky...
The Tea rat ,being the gentle man that he is, said..'let me remove this stickyness my lady'..and picked it up...
-A cookie...giggled Gretta...its just like the cookie Raccoon found...And I know it can make you disappear in the nothing..
-In the nothing..please, Nowhere is enough for me ,said Mozes...and do you think Raccoon is now to be found in the nothing..?
We do..answered Tea rat and Gretta....Maybe we should nibble from this cookie and follow Raccoon....And the Tea Rat held the cookie in front of Mozes...after you dear friend..


Jacqueline said...

Tea Rat Jive in the Meadow? The very thought of this made me laugh out loud. I promptly kicked open the back dutch door and called for 8 gnomes to come and see this! They laughed so hard at Tea Rat and Gretta...it was pure delight and soon the 8 goofy gnomes were twirling over the couch and the fainting couch and one even snuck a brew...the party is on. Dearest, you've set Gnomeland in a spin with the very thought of the jive! I gotta get some sleep, now look what you've started!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

The Tea Rat (with a "Tea"!!) just loves to do the jive, the reel, the banana split and shake his little hips, especially with spirited folks like Gretta! What a brave crew, considering taking a bite of that notorious cookie!! Anita