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Sunday, September 6, 2009

The trio stopped to rest behind a mulberry bush, from which the raccoon began merrily snacking upon.
“I say, fellows,” he said thoughtfully, “these are really quite muntious.”
“Scrumptious, I think is what you mean,” corrected the tea rat, “and yes, I have quite a soft spot for mulberries myself…don’t mind if I do…take a few…”
The tea rat and the raccoon chewed contentedly, unaware that Mozes had left their company some time before…
Well, Mozes had trekked down a little hill, over a rambling brook , and up again through the lush forest, in search for another merry adventure.
A sound not unlike a knock on wood startled him from his solitude. He glanced about, then darted quickly into the underbrush, surprised at the sight before him; for there stood a quaint cottage, surrounded by glorious roses cascading above the red doorframe and lending a delicious aroma to the air. But the most curious thing about the picture was the little girl in simple frock, laden with a basket on her arm, knocking on the front door. The house seemed vacant, though the garden was well-tended.
A tap on his shoulder jarred Mozes from his contemplations.
“Ssshhh,” he gestured to the tea rat and the raccoon. The two other fellows merely huffed their breaths and grinned.
“We nearly missed you,” started the tea rat.
“Yes, most deliberabable…” agreed the raccoon.
“I think you mean…”
“Oh never mind!” hushed Mozes. “I think we need to help that little girl over there. Something doesn’t seem right about this.”
The others looked and nodded their heads.
“Have you ever heard of the Red-Cloaked Girl and the Wolf?” asked Mozes. “Well, I’m afraid history is about to repeat itself. I think we ought to go inside and look around, maybe warn the child. What do you say, chums?
The raccoon looked enthusiastic about the prospect; the tea rat- uncertain.
“What if our imaginations are getting the best of us and she really has no need of our assistance?” he asked.
“Well,” started Mozes determinedly, “there’s only one way to find out.”
And he crept forward, leading the others into another adventure…

FN: Collaboration by kate and Patricia Cabrera


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Simply magical! The Tea Rat tips his writing cap to the both of you! This is too much fun!!! Fondly, Anita

The Dutchess said...


Jacqueline said...

Ah...what a story to be told and told and retold. I'm gathering my wits and I will be joining our story book friends in a wink and a blink of the eye.