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Friday, September 25, 2009

Who in the world is Aunt Dee?

Oh jolly good Mozes...You lead us down the path, over those stepping stones jolly fella and we arrive at Aunt Dee's house? The sign said "Wisteria Aunt Dee". Whoever could she be? Tea Rat chomping on some left over blue cheese squares has declared.."the place looks empty, no DEE here! Could this jolly well be Nowhere?" Looks like that nursery rhyme called Billy Goats Gruff with that old goat fella hangin' out chomping on the hay! Oh me, oh my...there's a little swing for you and I. Miss Moussee ran quick as a wink up to the houssee and asked Mozes to lift her up to sit on that swing in Nowhere. We are in Nowhere or Yeswhere...where do you think we are Mozes bear? Give me a push please so I can see the tree tops!
Lookkkeeeee...laughed Gretta from Gothere...I see a glass ball tat says WELCOME....ooooo...la....la...so perty!

Looks like a joint girls hang out at..lavender and wisteria? It stinks said Raccoon! Lets get out of here, this couldn't be Nowhere..nohow, nowhere!
Ah shoot, said Mozes. I don't wanna leave yet...I'm tired. Maybe there's a door or window we could climb in and take a bear nap. It's the best kind of nap...It's Autumn after all, our bellies are all plumb full...perhaps we should hibernate!
WHAT? Said the group in one voice...hibernate? Now?
I'm sleepy too said Gretta. Jolly goooood ider.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

I think a little nap would be capital everyone! On fait une sieste chez moi, declares the polyglotte rodent...Let's take a nap and refresh ourselves for the journey and surprises continue ahead of us! The Tea Rat

Patricia Cabrera said...

Wisteria Aunt Dee looks soooo invinting....wait! I am coming in... I can use a nap too!

Jacqueline said...

Wait for tonight...Gretta found a bed...Tea Rats in the punch bowl sipping some of Aunt Dee's punched punch....it's a grand adventure inside for sure!