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Thursday, October 22, 2009

The House of Answers

Gretta from Gothere sat on the bank of the creek and with chin to her knees burst into a million and seven tears. There was no book to be found, no map to Nowhere...she had lost her Mozes bear and she was sure her life had turned upside down so badly she would never be the same.

Gretta has only had one duck friend in her life and now was time for her to swim over, waddle up and sit down beside Gretta. She dried her tears with her feathers and then pulled out a little box and opened the tired lid. A little box of padlocks and keys! Whatever was this?
These my friend are keys to many places. This one is to Somewhere, this one is to Gothere, this is for Overthere and that one is for Underwear..I mean Underthere...and I've never found one to Nowhere...but I think this one may be it! Lets travel to the Hilltop in Overthere and call with our biggest voices for Mozes and Raccoon and your friends...maybe they will answer. Tuck this key in your sock...give it to Rattus perhaps and see what he can make of it.


Itch2stitch.com said...

Hello! I am enjoying this, and I love the picture of the keys and padlocks! Thanks for visiting me and leaving yet another kind, warm comment. I was almost drooling at your camper van! Have you still got it, I would love love love that! Suzie. xxx

The Dutchess said...

Whatever could this be
a very 'unknown' key
from here or there from everywhere
or Nowhere...we will see...