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Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Do you know this moment..were you are about to give up,because you are soo tired and you don't know how to move on...Well,our friends are having such a moment at this very moment..
-Guys,Guys,stop..we are traveling for days and days now..and still no Knowhere in site...are we sure we want to do this...maybe it's too much for us..maybe we will never find it..said Raccoon with a sad face.
-I must say old chap,answered Tea,I must agree with you,I feel the same way...If only we could find a sign...we don't even know if we are going in the right direction..and look at that mountain ahead..its to high a climb...
-OOOh aah ooh aaah...yelled Gretta suddenly....my toe, my toe..
-Yes dear..I can feel my toes too...infact my feet are worn off..I believe I am a few inchess shorter then when I started this journey, said Raccoon.
-No No.I hit my toe on something! Look, I believe its a knurt,eh..I mean a trunk giggled Gretta.
Mozes then lifted the trunk out of the sand and openend it...This is what they found...a letter..and not only that..there was music coming out of this trunk..LISTEN!


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

AH YES,isn't this what we are all about? It's the climb that makes us strong and who we are. Merci ma chere Dutchess!!!!! I am enjoying my climb with all of you. Fondly, Anita

Rattus Scribus said...

Who was supposed to bring the compass and the map? It wasn't me. I am in charge of the cheese, the biscuits and the keg of barley ale.

Look here, this is silly. We're animals. We are supposed to have a sixth sense about danger and an unerring sense of direction. You know, like the salmon that finds its original spawning ground; the dog lost in the wilderness that treks thousands of miles to its master. The penguin that finds its chick amidst millions of others.

Why can't any of us here have.... Wait a minute. I'm feeling that animal instinct. I have a capital idea. Why don't we follow that sign post in the road up ahead that says "Nowhere -->"?