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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

WE GOT IT! Uuh....we think....

WE TRUIMPHED!! As the Tea Rat, Rattus, and a daring friend from college days banded together to save Hilltop, the sweet taste of victory transformed into a dance of joy.

"Our Lady Fair Miss Moussie

Once had a little houssie

On Hilltop fair

A pumpkin dare

haunt this little houssie.

Alas! the band of three

Took to their destiny

They came, they conquered and lost a leg

But victory can still dance upon a peg!" HAIL TO MISS MOUSSIE!

Together they constructed a menacing decoy with large teeth to lure and crush the haunted pumpkin in its jaws. The third rat was injured in the process of constructing the jaws of death and lost a leg, but the thrill of the battle cry prevailed and CHARGE! Off they went FOR OUR LADY FAIR!!


Itch2stitch.com said...

Hello! Just came from your other blog! Following both now! Suzie. xxx

The Dutchess said...

OOO,bravo,bravo...very brave indeed..and thank you for your sweet comment today..hug from all of us..