One wants to wander away from the world’s some-wheres..
....................into our own nowhere.”

Saturday, November 14, 2009

THE TOWN CRIER - Read all about it!

Somewhere in Nowhere there is a newspaper circulating; Tea and Rattus were relieved to find a connection to the "civilized" world. "Look at this old thing", whispered Tea. "Rabbit Hill Pub and Restaurant is serving high tea today for half the price. Shall we slip out and risk it?" "What about the others old man?" said Rattus. "Oh, I don't think they would mind if we slipped out for a bit; besides Mozes takes to eating wild things

and I have a bit of indigestion from last night's venison. Oh come now man, listen, we can bring back a hankerchief full of biscuits for Gretta and Racoon and a real kidney pie for Mozes. What do you say we take the back road to Rabbit"

Rattus was a bit homesick for some good old-fashioned cooking and the ad in the paper had said that Rabbit Hill Pub employed the best chefs in the county, and to their surprise, the head chef was none other than...

yes, it was Cecelie herself. They ordered two whole pies and didn't even make it out the door, for her light touch had created a crust flakier and lighter than a feather and had a soporific effect

and the two friends were then carried up to one of the rooms to sleep off their indulgence for the night.


Bonnie said...

My kingdom for a pie!

Here I sit by the glowing fireplace of Rabbit Hill Pub ready to gorge on a fresh baked apple pie. It arrives at the table warm with fresh baked goodness bubbling through it's lattice top. There is steam following in its wake as the lovely chef herself Cecelie delivers it and bids bon appetit!

Oh I am stuffed. My little tummy is more than filled and my senses are now quite dizzy. I must make like Tea and Rattus and lay down and sleep per chance to dream of "precious little things with wings" flying past my open window this lovely and peaceful night.

With much love, Paisley Bunny

Jacqueline said...

Biscuits? you smell biscuits cooking? Go fetch the sweet butter and raspberry jam? Run....
You make this adventure so tasty and sweet. You two deserve a rest. Life at it's best! Thanks for giving us all a taste of your sweetness my creative friend.

The Dutchess said...

OOo,so sweet...sleep well dear friends..(And I do believe Mozes is giving Tango lessons..he can be ever so might think he will eat you alive):)

Rattus Scribus said...

Ah! the kidney pie was perfection. The ale, ambrosia. The tea, heaven. The pipe with lavender scented tobacco was also not of this world. Yes, indeed, Rattus and I enjoyed ourselves to the full. Besides when Mozes gets that look in his eyes and starts carrying around a whole deer under his arm, I don't want to be around to see what comes next.

Tea Rat

Kittie Howard said...

Beyond charming...THANKS!