One wants to wander away from the world’s some-wheres..
....................into our own nowhere.”

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Affectionately yours, Gretta.

Gretta went for a stroll while waiting for her Nowhere friends to land the plane. Over...and over...and over and around the bend and back again...and there HE was...Gretta could spot Garbo anywhere... I have lost 2 inches in 2 days on my strawberry diet and Valentines Day is in the air. Many years ago in Gothere Gretta met Garbo and she loved him so...Just you and me she muttered...just you and me...
Garbo looked up and spotted Gretta from Gothere and his head began to spin...his heart beat like a drum and he was over to her in two waddles...A KISS to reunite...Love is in the air and it's everywhere!

I love you truly Garbo...and always will! Happy Valentines Day!
Gretta was so happy she took the time to get spiffy this morning...He loves me, he loves me not, HE LOVES ME!


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Gretta, you are such a beauty, well-coiffed or not! Look at those eyelashes! And you have lost already 2 inches? WEll, as long as you are happy and healthy dearest one! And Garbo is a lucky hedgehog; to have someone that cares that much to go on a strawberry diet just for him! But you know what...he loves all of you! Enjoy your day together; I think the flying devils are up in the air for a while. T.J. fueled up to the maximum and Bebe is lovin'life in the big blue and the guys? Well, that goes without saying. When you have a stock of ale, tea, cigars, cheese and crackers and no females near by....IT'S AWESOME!


Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Oh Gretta.. You look beautiful, and just in time for Garbo! How wonderful it is to meet up with a love from long ago..
Enjoy your day with your love...

Jans Gourds said...

Gretta has a sister here that is my Phoebes favorite play friend. When she is sleepy at night or if I am trying to get her to calm down, I give her Gretta and all is well.
Just wanted to say hello and thank you for your kind words on my blog. Not sure what is going on with my computer but everytime I try to email from a website it tells me that my email client is not set up properly???? Oh well, thanks and have a very Happy Valentines day filled with lots of love and hugs.
Here is your first.\


Tomjay said...
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JoJo said...

THis is so cute!!!! I am giving you an award, so check out my blog!!

Shelley said...

Cute post your little Gretta....blessings

The Dutchess said...

O...sweet must be spring!