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Saturday, June 19, 2010

123 Doll House Lane

Toot-pa-toot...went the little poot-scoot over the hills and dales to Nowhere and beyond. The rats were away so the hedgehog must play. Being the independent soul that she is Gretta from Gothere waved to Paisley Bunny as she witnessed Paisley collecting forget-me-nots. She bumped down the hill and tooted the horn at Raccoon who was chewing on a Big Hunk candy bar of all things. Gretta was faithfully following her noses...and everything smelled pink like roses and she detected a hint of Mozes...There Big Mozes was standing at the Crossroad of Life with a sign that said...123 Doll House Lane. The arrow pointed sharp right, then sharp left... Mozes had known Gretta for more than a million years and he knew that she had a range of food addictions and he did a good job of contributing to it. While hunting for honey Mozes came across a wee little Doll House, just fit for Gretta. And the best part about it, it had a marshmallow garden. This would be a perfect rest upon for just a little... awhile. The Doll House had a pink garage for her pink poot-scoot and even the chimney puffed pink smoke...pink flower boxes, pink carnations, even the rabbits were pink...However and why ever, the Doll House was green...what a ugly scene...so Big Mozes spent the afternoon painting the Doll House....PINK just cuz he loved that little hedgehog beyond Nowhere and back.
Peek sweet at Gretta in the Marshmallow Gardens. Content as a hedgehog could be.


The Dutchess said...

Isn't Mozes the best bear EVER..he loves pink,and he just adores you dearest Gretta. A Doll house..what fun..:)))

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

My dear Mozes.. You have such a kind heart.. Pink is such a happy color and you even have a garage for your poot-scoot! Pink, pink, and more pink... I love pink, and I love Gretta!

Jackie said...

Passing the marshmallows to all...oh happy day!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh Jackie dearest, how I missed you. We saw so many gnomes on our daily walks through the lovely gardens of Whittier, California. We are home now, and what a joy it is to think about the moment I got to see Penny....what a dear and absolutely GORGEOUS human being. I will one day see you, Tita, the Dutchess and we will have that precious moment.