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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Summer Stock Theatre in Nowhere

Rattus: "Old thing, DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!"


Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Oh my word!!! Bebe and Co.. Happy day... I have heard of this musical... and who else on the piano BUT Gretta!
Please let me indroduce myself. You may remember me.. My name is Fifi... I would like to audition for the musical.. I have extensive dancing experience... Please sirs, may I give it a go?
Kind regards,

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Oh my heavens.. There is a line a mile long out in front. Seems everyone wants to be in the show.
Please let me introduce myself.
My name is Joli, I am a very good friend of Bebe's.. I would happy as a lark if you would consider me. I dance and sing, YES, sing!
Thank you

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Hello, my name is Gigi... I am very young and don't have alot of experience, but I am CUTE!!!.. So could you find me a place in the show please?
Thank you kindly

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Good day dear Sirs
I am here for the auditions. My name is Colette.. I have all my own costumes and hats! I dance a little, and some say I have the voice of Snow white. I would be honored if you would let me audition.
Yours truly

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

How exciting! I love the Theatre! Are the auditions still open? My name is Brie... I can't dance, but I can sing a little.. Maybe I could be an understudy... Yes? Oh! I love art.. Maybe I could help with the set for the stage..
Please consider me.
Thank you kindly

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Miss Moussie's Travelin Show!!
I have been waiting for this company to return...
Please let me introduce myself.
My name is Pierre.... I have two left feet and cannot sing.. BUT!
I would be honored to be a part however so small, in this magnificent show... I would be happy to be your humble TICKET TAKER. Please let me know as soon as possible.. I will need to send my suit to the cleaners.

Rattus Scribus said...

Dear Miss Moussie,

My name is Tea Ra ... er, I mean ... that is to say, I am Mr. Blakenrosentauber.

News has come to me that you are auditioning for a magnificent new production.

I can sing, dance, act, tell jokes, write scripts, direct, produce, decorate sets, play musical instruments, or just clap on cue.

I look forward to the try outs. I'm sure I will not disappoint you.

Your most adoring fan (everyone says that, but in my case it really is true) and most sincerely,

Mr. Blakenrosentauber.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

All right everyone....Mozes, you are going to be the bouncer and make sure that everyone coming to the audition is legitimate in the arts....Miss M., we are waiting for your approval and GREEN LIGHT TO START THE PROCESS and Gretta dear, get your piano tuned and Raccoon dear, crank up the lights and tune up the acoustics because the THEATRE AT NOWHERE IS UNLOCKING ITS DOORS!!!

The Dutchess said...

Would it be possible for a little old frog like me to audition...
I can jump real high and I can do the hippety hop like no other..I am also very good in stage diving!
My singing voice isn't what it used to be but I will make up for this by baking you all some marvellous pies..
Did you already find someone to do the catering..
You can ask....Fifi,Joli,Gigi,Colette,and ofcourse the amazing Brie! When I was in Paris we had a wonderful time together and they simply loved my chocolate and raspberry muffins!

I was planning to ask Miss Moussie directly if I could enter the audition but I seem to have lost her...This morning she was nowhere to be found,
I hope she will find my little note I have left her..

A Bientot my dear friends..hope to see you soon
Your Ami Gustave

The Dutchess said...

Sure..I can be the bouncer! That's one of the things I do best..But mind you,I am a bit ticklish..so I hope they don't tickle me to get inside to audition..

You can count on me!
Big bear Hug from your friend Mozes.

The Dutchess said...

Good afternoon..I AM The Amazing Hog and this is my assistent the invisible C !
We can't sing,we can't dance,we can't act..but we CAN do a great disapearing act..You will be..amazed..yes..that's my name and I mean it..

At your service
Sir Hog

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

YIHAH!!! The line is getting longer for the audition but be on the alert Mozes, Tea Rat is getting out his yellowed and tattered sheet music of "Sing Hallelujah, Come on Get Happy" and "Danny Boy", and BOY, we DO NOT want to hear his falsetto...ON GUARD EVERYONE!

Patricia Cabrera said...

Penny , aren't you excited ???*grin*

Oh The theatre and the trhill of auditioning .... yes, yes!
Babe and CO is the best, I know all about it!

Lovely drawings Nita!!!;-)

The Dutchess said...

We still can't find Miss Moussie..Our Dutchess said she was sure to have seen Miss Moussie running nervously through the garden..twittering by herself..and waving some kind of paper..She was also wearing her glasses..
What could be so important..

O, and now that I'm here..would it be possible for me to enter the audition..
Everyone is always telling me I'm so good looking and handsom..When I,m standing in the spotlight I simply shine,I'm very pleasing to the eye!
I know Shakespeare by heart..I can play a charming Casanova..and I can sing like Sinatra..So,could you please put my name on the list..
The name is Beau...Beauregard..please..pretty please..?

The Dutchess said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Angelsdoor * Penny said...

I am beyond excited Pat.. What an exciting event this will be!!

Jackie said...

Rac go get the feather duster and help me lift off this velvet blanket over the baby grand...With a swoosh...dust flew everywhere and underthere and upthere and overthere...Mozes sneezed as sheet music went flyin' high.

Gretta hurried over to the old trunk. Rac, open that old trunk and help me find the music...oh no, Gretta fell in the trunk! Open the lid Rac...open the lid!

Rac smiled and chewed on a old piece of beef jerky...He was enjoying Gretta getting herself in a titter-tatter for he knew...she played best when her titter-tatter brain was titter-tattering out notes...

Gretta climbed out of the trunk and climbed up on the piano bench and belted out a wicked tune of chop sticks! Clang, clang, clang, clang..cling, cling, cling cling...bling, bling bling...clang!
Mozes and Rac left the stage...Gretta girl was just warmin' up!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh the talent is coming out of the woodwork! Beauregard, you are most welcome to come for the auditions!!! Gretta, shine that piano bench seat and HIT IT! We are gonna put on our tap shoes, sing our musical numbers and give it all we got for the DIVINE MISS M., producer, director extraordinaire, and for Bebe, playwright will travel!!!!

Mozes....keep on the look-out for suspicious looking rats wearing Wellies....this is not allowed into the theatre!

Jackie said...

Gretta sitting on the piano bench blowing bubbles and getting ready for the big event...She's belting out hits left and right...everything from Tiny Bubbles to New York, New York...She's getting better and better she saw Rattus tapping his toe...

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Excellent....Gretta, there will be different ranges of voices coming in with different types of music....can you handle girl? HIT IT TOOTS!!!

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

TAP TAP TAP TAP, tippy tap tap tap.... yep, that's me.. Practice makes perfect.. What do you think of my new costume? I just love PINK!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

OH!! FIFI, are you getting ready for the audition? Oh please, get there quickly, the line outside of the theatre is getting long, and Tea Rat got wind of the time and day...Mozes is on guard and everyone is stretching, clearing their vocal cords and practicing their acts! You look stunning dearest!!!

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

I made it! Dear Mozes saved me a place in line.. Why thank you kindly... I thought you would like the costume... eeeK!!!! Who is that I hear that is waaaaaaaaay off key! Oh my little ears...

The Dutchess said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Dutchess said...

O.. Please no....hahahahoo...don't tickle me...hahoohaa..Please tell me your name strange Wellie wearing creature..or else I have to bounce you out...

-AAh,there he goes..Miss Moussie would say..a very suspicious looking character..Oke..Who's next..

A few minutes later...A "lady" stands before Mozes...dressed in pink and purple lace..on her head a bonnet with a vale..she speaks with a very soft voice..

Look at that..whispers Mozes...PFFEEW..A bouncers life isn't easy..
-You have to talk loud and clear dearest..what did you just say..couldn't hear you..somebody is singing very loud and way of key..sounds like our cat Figaro..your name again please..

-Florence Nightingale..whispers the pink bonnet softly..I can sing like a nightingale..only today I have to whisper..us singers have to be careful with our voices you know..

Mozes looked very closely ..he couldn't see this Diva's face..and then..he noticed..THE WELLIES..peeping from under Florence Nightingale's dress...

Within a second something pink purplish was flying through the air...it bounced right into the bushes..and disappeared...

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

OH DEAR!!! TEA'S PLANS ARE BEING SURPLANTED BY MOZE'S KEEN SENSE!!! Tea Rat, you are gonna have to think quick and creatively!!!!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

WEll, the Florence Nightengale getup didn't work....hmmmm...what now Tea RAT?

Rattus Scribus said...

Reporting live from Nowhere:

It seems that Miss Moussie, not content to rest on her laurels with the resounding success of her last "Travelin' Show," is at it again. All of Nowhere is waiting with great anticipation the curtain rise on her upcoming summer musical spectacular.

Auditions are taking place with a who's who of thespian and show time luminaries all vying for the coveted positions in the show.

But security is so tight that Miss Moussie has hired Mozes the Bear's world famous police and protection firm: Security Mobile Action Strike Help, or SMASH.

Asked for comment on what his firm planned to do if there was any kind of disruption or breaches in security, Mozes said simply, and I quote: "We'll SMASH 'em."

Rattus Scribus, reporting live from Nowhere.