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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bebe's Poot Poot Fundraiser

Pies's for sale, pies for sale! Tea Rat says I need 29.00 in order to pay for my new Poot Poot. We ALL want to get back up in the sky but my poot poot is pooped.. Bebe would love to take Miss Moussie for a ride around the Hilltop, so come on over and get your pie!! First one in line will get a FREE blueberry pie... Hope to see you soon


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...



TEA RAT: "NOW OLD MAN, we live together...we can SHARE the pie..so let me carry it home and...."

RATTUS: "NO!" By the time we get back to Wit's End, there won't be nothing left of that pie except the blue stains around your MUZZLE! Remember what happened the last time there was blueberry pie in Nowhere? YOU ATE IT ALL YOU BLUE MOUTHED BASS YOU!"

TEA RAT: Oh Bebe, I'll take TWO. One for my FRIEND here and one for ME!!"

Now isn't she just the cutest little girl with her curly-toed SHOES!!!!! She must have been baking all morning long Penny! She is surely my little darling and I have missed my sweet little mouse! I think Bebe is going to raise her $29.00 so quickly, she will have her Poot Poot in no time! I hear she renewed her license and so did T.J....Tea Rat however, could not pass the test. His math skills are a bit rusty!


Angelsdoor * Penny said...

WAIT! I have to stop LAUGHING!!
ok... I'm good now.. One FREE PIE for my first customer... RATTUS! Let TEA RAT carry one and you carry the other.. but yes, keep an eye on him.. You want to bring TWO PIES home..

Yep! we both renewed our license. Aww TEA! you flunked your test? Well... Rattus will help you study and you will pass next time.
Enjoy your PIES! Remember to share

p.s. Mum is home making more pies

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

TEA RAT: "OOOOOooo! Did you say MORE PIES?"

RATTUS: Old thing, your, well, I was going to say that your trousers aren't going to fit you any more, but YOU DON'T WEAR ANY!!! COMPORT YOURSELF OLD MAN!"

Bring on the PIES! YOOO HOOO EVERYONE! Come and help the fundraiser!

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh BeBe Sweetie...
How did you know that I love, absolutely LOVE pies. Cherry is my favorite, but blueberry it is for today. And $2.00 sweet friend what a bargain. At that price I must take (2) one for each of DH and I. I mean it's all for a good cause. Who can be without a Poot Poot? It is a must for a mouse of your size to travel about.

Love the little shoes and the apron. How absolutely adorable she looks today.

Oh sweetie thank you for sharing with me today. I always have so much fun here. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

Ruben Rivera said...

Rattus: TeaRat, isn't this a pleasant walk back to Wits End after procuring those delectable blueberry pies from Bebe?

TeaRat: Mulph...grompf... munch. It sure is, cransh...glup ...old friend. It sure is.

Rattus: Wait a minute! What have you got in your mouth?

TeaRat: Why...gulpf...gulmp nothing. Nothing at all.

Rattus: And why then are you lips blue? Are you eating our pies?

TeaRat: I just wanted one little, tinsy, insy bite.

Rattus: Give me that pie (or what's left of it). I shall carry them both home, IF YOU DON'T MIND?

TeaRat: Oh, all right. CHOMP!

Rattus: STOP THAT!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Tea Rat: "Ooooohhhhh! OHHHHHHHHH!!!!"


Tea Rat: "Ooooohhhh....not now with the French old man, please, please pass the Pepto Bismol!"

Rattus: "I knew it. Get in bed and let my tuck you in with a good cup of CAMOMILE TEA."

Tea Rat: "Rattus?"

Rattus: "Yes?"

Tea Rat: "Are you mad at me? I just wanted me a slice of pie!"

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Oh no... TeaRat has a tummy ache. I knew those pies would not make it home..

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

WOOOO! I tell you, both Tea Rat and ME, we had a belly ache last night! I woke up with a killer belly ache and I do NOT KNOW WHY! Hmmmmm....maybe I ate some blueberries in my sleep! What a creepy moment that was....TEA RAT IS READY TO RUMBLE IN WITH THE NEW MACHINE dearest...you let me know when I can start the engine! Anita

Jacqueline said...

Thump...Gretta just rolled out of bed and hit the dirt with her rump! I smell blueberries! She climbed out of the hedge and headed back to Nowhere to sniff out the goodness..

The Dutchess said...

OO,I'm late...very busy days on the Hilltop..Dearest Bebe...so beautiful!!!!
Miss Moussie would love to go on a trip with you..Mozes lets you know he maybe can fix your poot poot!!! He will come to get it..by Jiffy trail..and take the Poot poot to his toolshed...:))

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Thank you dear Dutchess!!
Did you hear that Tea Rat? She said Mozes will take the poot poot to the tool shed and try and fix it! If it is fixable we would have TWO POOT POOTS! yIPEEEEE. Would love to take you on a trip Miss Moussie.
OK Tea Rat! Start your engine and ROLL THAT MACHINE OUT! I have not earned enough money yet to pay for it but I will write you and IOU...

Oh Anita, too much bluberry pie for you. See if Tea Rat will give you some Pepto for your tummy.


Jeri Landers said...

We will take 23 pies please.. one for each of my young buns. I do wish we could pay you in cash, but.... do you accept Bunny twist? I have just spun several ounces worth in every color you can imagine! Of course, I realize that will not pay for a new POOT POOT, but it would allow you to embroider dozens and dozens of little mouse hankies! Yours truly, Mother Hopalong

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Dear Mrs. Hopalong
I am so glad mum made more pies. Twenty three you say? Yes, I would be happy to accept Bunny twists for payment.. I will embroider a hankies for all my NOWHERE friends.. Thank you so kindly

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

OHHH! I think I hear the hum of a clean, new engine....oh oh....here comes......