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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Finding a Boy Friend

After a deep and meaningful conversation with Tea Rat it was decided the Pippit Priceless needed to search for a "boy friend." Just a friend. Pippit argued back that Rattus and Rac and Mozes and Tea himself were good "boy friends" but Tea suggested to search further in Nowhere and beyond...So Pippit headed to Hollywood. The Fonz said YES! Sure thing baby doll!She went to the Outback Woods to find a glowing gnome and he said YES! I'll be your Gnomeo!
She found a "boy friend" that would sweep her off her toes! He went so fast, her slippers flew off!

A living girl looks around every corner for fun and this Hollywood legend said...YES! But he burped too much!
Gumby said yes...he would be the best "boy friend" a living doll could have and he has one cool horse too!

A real "boy friend" could take Pippit places she never dreamed of...Beam us up Scotty! Spock and Scotty had a huge argument who would be the best "boy friend" for Pippit. She liked Spock's pointed ears...the main attraction! Very logical indeed.

But in the end Pippit picked her prize "boy friend" who was a man who was super with super powers to take the living doll to places only in her wildest dreams. Superman Rules!

Post in tribute to two cool super men and good boy friends too...Ruben and Len!


Ruben Rivera said...


Pippit is one lucky girl. You can't ask for a better boyfriend than Superman. He's brilliant, honest, righteous, cares self-sacrificially about people. Oh, and he can do just about anything because he's basically a god, so he's pretty handy to have around.

My best to you and Len. After I got home from my trip I found the comics and extras he got me and was flabbergasted (what a word!). Thanks Len.

Your bud

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh, I think Pippit is going to be happy with her choice since SUPERMAN is modeled after our two SUPER HUNKS, Rubne and LEN!!!! GOOD CHOICE PIPPIT! You will now go for the ride of your life filled with MUCH LOVE, friendship, dreams, FUNNNNNN and blessings....THANKS JACKIE!! Anita

Ruben Rivera said...

Woo...hoo. I've just been called a super hunk. It's been a while since I've been called that. "Super Chunk," sure. Super Rat, uh...huh. But Super Hunk? I like it. I like it.

Three cheers, a hoot and a rrrr.

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Oh Pippit! Superman? Would you ask him to come fly with me? I will climb to the top of the castle, he can pick me up there and fly me across NOWHERE.. No poot poot needed here.

The Dutchess said...
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The Dutchess said...

So sweet...have a lovely weekend with your super man..;)

Christel Hutson said...

Oh Pippit, Superman is indeed a good choice! So coll under pressure..we all need a man like that, and he can take you on long evening flights..how spectacular! Len, and Ruben perhaps you should dust off those capes..I hear requests coming soon..giggles xoxo Christel

Bill said...

You've included some of my favorite boyhood idols, particularly the Man of Steel! I'll have to check our the your future posts to see what's happening.

The Dutchess said...

I'm missing something....where are the rats...
Hope to be back soon..I;m with Elynn in the hospital..We had a little scare..but everything is fine now..A Bientot..

Pierre BOYER said...

Great adventure !!!