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Friday, June 24, 2011


Tea Rat: How is that old man? Do you think Bebe's mum will like our Birthday Banner?

Rattus: Splendid, SPLENDID old thing. She will especially like the color. Oh dear, what was that sound?

Tea Rat: I do believe that was the sound of ripping fabric, and a popped button. And don't look at me, because as you can see, I am not wearing any cumbersome clothing.

Rattus: Oh dear, my vest popped a button and my breeches..oh bother! Do you still have that sewing kit, old thing?

Tea Rat: Well old man, it is clear that you will have to watch how many slices of birthday cake you will shovel in. I ON THE OTHER HAND, can consume in MASS QUANTITIES for I have a secret......

Rattus: Pray tell old man. For I shan't CONTROL MYSELF this time...Penny is our great friend and I have to show her my admiration by devouring her cake. You know, in Nowhere, when one admires, loves and honors someone, we eat in colossal amounts to show our gratitude.

Tea Rat: FEAR NOT OLD MAN...it is not a youthful metabolism that is my secret, although I still can eat like a kitten, even at my age....follow me here.


Jacqueline said...

What a tribute to our Penny...I gotta get over there to her blog before she takes off!

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

My dear Rat duo!! What a wonderful
tribute to my birthday! Yes, I love my birthday banner. BLUE! my favorite color. Rattus, you eat as much birthday cake as you please..
Now off to follow Tea Rat.
THANK YOU dear friends!!!!

Patricia Cabrera said...

Ohhh , how sweet!!! Penny , you deserve it all!!! Happy, Happy (grin*) birthday!!!!!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Teeeheeee! You guys....WE LOVE YA PENNY! Awwwh, what the heck...let's eat 'til our buttons pop, with Tea Rat's secret or NOT! CELEBRATE! Anita

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

I am home... Just had to stop in and look at my banner once more and say THANK YOU DEAR Anita and friends. I am so blessed to have such dear friends.. Thank you all!!
Love and blessings,