One wants to wander away from the world’s some-wheres..
....................into our own nowhere.”

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Over the Moon

-Were walking on the air..
-I'm almost in seventh heaven...
-we just passed cloud nine...
-I'm in a transport of delight..
-does this mean youre happy...
-..over the moon my friend..over the moon..

-In a a minute...almost there...


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

This is too wonderful. I am so excited about how we all venture out, like our characters, into the moonlight darkness...the unknown. But when we ride together on the back of our dreams, we get there to see the light. Dearest Dutchess, this is pure magic. To see the Divine Miss M., sitting there looking at the moon, moving with her beloved Mozes is just enchanting. To be teamed up with all of you is a daily delight. We have become children again, with the years of learning, hopefully wisdom and life's experience to take us farther than little legs could take us. We have wings now....thank you. This was magic. Mozes is strong and wonderful....I HOPE HE knows I am so enchanted and OVER THE MOON.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

I could live here. You all just make my day. One day, we will all see each other, over the moon.

Christel Hutson said...

It truly is a magical journey, I am excited to see who, and what will be posted next! Duchess, this is so creative, and fills us all with childlike glee! Wonderful Illustrations! xoxo

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

You have taken us all on such a magical journey to the moon.. Just look at you dear Mozes.. Flying gently up with Miss Moussie guiding the way... I love your illustration and the motion!! Such a magical moment. Thank you dear Dutchess.
Penny and Bebe

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

I am back for my third ride....Mozes, you are a better driver than TEA RAT!!!! Ahhhhh...what a magical week. What a magical summer it has been for me dear friends! I will miss the daily magic when school starts!!!

Burlap Luxe said...

I'm with Anita on this one!
C. Hutson
It adore the mice, and I made a doll house for my daughter when she was 3 by the time she was 4 it becames a mouse house, not people lived there just little mice, so this post reminds me of the days and days of hunting for mice for her house.

It is fabulous, I am working on a small project and will introduce it to you soon perhaps you can join in on the party when I get Anita involved as well.

My daughters name is...
Hannah Bailey Callaway-Hutson
I was Dore L Callaway-Hutson...

and now we use only our Callaway name :)
for beautiful reasons.

Thank you for your beautiful comment and I am not sure I could top the soulful beauty within your words, you my dear are truly a women of all to love.


Ruben Rivera said...

We have been away from the cottage all day on errands of mercy (namely stocking our pantry) and just returned to this delightful journey by Big Bear and Little Mouse.

Now Tea Rat has set the tea pot to boil and soon we will be enjoying a late night cup of tea while enjoying the enchanted youtube.

Perfect way to end the day.

And don't say anything, but Tea Rat is mooning over Miss Mousie.

All the best,

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Just came in for a fairy-fix!

What is BEYOND THE MOON? We know now that we all can fly there.....what else is in store for us?

Ruben Rivera said...

Rattus: What's beyond the Moon? Why, Neverland, of course: "Second star to the right, and straight until morning." Just don't let Tea Rat drive.

Tea Rat: What was that?

Rattus: Nothing...err ..., I mean give me a high five.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

TEA RAT: I HEARD THAT...I HEARD THAT....this rat is hip, with it, ACUTE....and cute. teeeheeee!


Jacqueline said...

In the beauty of Nowhere we find a bear and his pal flying high to the moon. There is no place like Nowhere. This proves, that great minds are able to dream alike.
You made all of our hearts soar, all because of a bear and a wee mouse, our dreams fly high.
I'm really thankful that there is a Dutchess in this world. You delight and enchant in your own powerful, magical way. God bless you Dutch and all at Hilltop and beyond.
Thank you!