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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

For Sale in Nowhere!

What a wonderful day in Nowhere! Autumn had arrived in all her splendor and Pippit was thanking the moon and the stars that she finally got out of that big old Victorian doll house and all of her Nowhere friends had welcomed her with glee. It was all meant to be! Part of her (in a corner of her mind) loved the wooded forest of Nowhere and part of her yearned for a little house of her own to come and go from. Pippit followed the signs leading to the little cottage for sale...Paisley Bunny jumped into her arms and invited herself for the walk. The two talked and talked about what life would be like for a bunny and a living doll to buy a cottage in the woods!
Out of the blue, Mozes road by on his bike and waved greetings to both of them. He could be heard a mile down the road roaring....buy it Pippit, buy it! Pippit stepped over the little bridge, past the wood pile and waited for the big decision to be made. Paisley suggested they walk inside first...to be continued!


The Dutchess said...

A Cottage..how wonderfull...can I too take a look inside ...I love cottages..

Christel Hutson said...

surely, a cottage in the woods of Nowhere could be a perfect place for a tiny living doll, and a bunny! Does it have guest rooms? I would love to come and stay from time to time..oh dear, maybe I should have waited to be invited, or maybe I should wait and see if Pippit buys the cottage..just like me, to put the cart in front of the horse!..is that an old fashioned tire swing I see there in the back yard, hanging from that mighty towering oak??..oh oh can I swing on it Pippit? ~ Hazel

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

ahhhhhhhh...What a magical cottage.. May I come inside? First I must take a look under that little bridge... Is there someone living down there?

Milita said...

Hola, muy bueno felicidades. BesiƱos Milita.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...


Well then Pippit dear, if you have any questions about how to purchase and maintain a cottage, talk to ME or Rattus. Wit's End is just a fine place and we just enjoy our corner in Nowhere....ARE YOU HAVING A HOUSE-WARMING PARTY???? CAN I BRING DESSERT?


Christel Hutson said...

now we're talkin'..a party! Yippie!! I could really scarf down some party food bout' now..oh geez..there I go again talkin' like I'm still out on the street..since I found Nowhwere, or well since it found me, I haven't been hungry once, or cold, or unhappy..or anything besides Happy! ~ Hazel

Ruben Rivera said...

Tea Rat: Dear Pippit. If ever you need real estate advice, I'd be happy to help. I once met the president of the Nowhere Real Estate Association, and we became very close.

Rattus: Well I suppose from a certain point of view, running into someone at a party and spilling tea all over him can be seen as having "met" and becoming "very close" to them. But I hardly think that qualifies you as a real estate expert.

Burlap Luxe said...

My dream is to live in a cottage in Nowhere...You seem to have a perfectly peaceful place hidden from all who don't have the imaginations we have and your faithful followers have.

I am in hopes you too will join in with Anita and I when we put on a Christmas production, our stages and theatre's will be Christmas bright with stories to tell of the holiday cheer.

Please get designing and join in, it won't be a celebration unless you join in with us :)

Anita and her beauty will let you know what ideas we are coming up with and it will add to the spirit of Christmas if you join in.

See you and all your beauty soon:)

Keep inspiring a magical place to visit :)

PS. Its just not worth posting without your beautiful visits and comments I treasure.

cheers to your weekend.