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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Home Sweet Nowhere

Paisley and Pippit peeked around the corner of the cottage and Paisley started hopping up and down! The very thought of a pumpkin patch of her very own! This cottage was a dream come true and Pippit was beginning to feel bubbles all over she was so excited to buy the cottage. The very first thing she would do was have a cottage warming, with pumpkin pie for everyone! She would have to make at least 12 pies because Mozes would eat at least 3 pies and Rattus maybe 4. The door gave a sweet creeeek...as it swung open! Straight ahead was the kitchen and off to the left there were stairs up to the bedroom. Paisley headed for the stairs right away...Pippit claimed this room as her very own.

Lunch was over due and back down the stairs they scampered. Pippit saw the recipe book laying open on the table. Flour and sugar and cinnamon sat on the counter and a huge bowl of fresh carrots from the garden for Paisley. Pippit put on the apron and went to work...right away. FOR SURE, she was buying this cottage and spending her life savings to do it!

Paisley offer two radish and 7 carrots made of gold. Her great granny Patti had given them to her at birth. Bed time was drawing near....to be continued...


Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Knock Knock.... Bebe here... Are you in there Pippit? Oh my... The cottage is as lovely inside as it is outside... I came to help you make the pumpkin pies. Hand me an apron please and I will get started... Yes, I believe we will need ALOT of pies for the cottage warming... Go on now Pippit, take a rest, I will finish the pies for you..
Love, Bebe

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Ooooo! The cottage has finally been purchased, the goods finally moved in, and now it is just a matter of cleaning out the ovens and getting them ready and in tip-top shape so we can GET ON with the important things:


I will help. Yes, even I WILL don an apron and give a helping paw. I will scoop out the golden center of each pumpkin and prepare the flesh of these gourds with spices and love, and the LET HER ROLL! GET THE OVENS READY because we have all of Nowhere to feed! Or at least two fat rats!!!


Palomasea said...

So sweet, I am having so much fun here:)))

- Irina

Ruben Rivera said...

Tea Rat: What an absolutely smashing cottage.

Rattus: Smashing.

Tea Rat: Pippit and Paisley look so at home.

Rattus: So at home.

Tea Rat: Granny Patti left Pippit a nice inheritance with which she bought the cottage. How fortunate.

Rattus: How fortunate.

Tea Rat: The house warming will be so much fun, with pumpkin pie for everyone.

Rattus: Pumpkin pie... everyone.

Tea Rat: And isn't Rattus quite the nincompoop?

Rattus: Hmm...Nincompoop.
Tea Rat (whispering): Tee, he, he, he. It's fun talking to Rattus when he's asleep.