One wants to wander away from the world’s some-wheres..
....................into our own nowhere.”

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Cuz Clyde

Mozes was minding his own busy-ness riding over hills and dales on his bicycle machine when he looked ahead and who should he see but his Cuz Clyde. Clyde was on his way to to buy that handy cottage in Nowhere. It would be perfect for him for winter. He could warm his paws by the fire, there was a good stash of honey in the cupboards and that would last him the whole winter. Mozes broke the news to him that the cottage just sold! Cuz Clyde could not believe his ears..."WHAT? I DON'T BELIEVE IT! I was just going to put an hefty offer on it Mozes!" Tragedy for sure! Cuz Clyde tore through the bushes to the cottage and up the stairs he lumbered. "WHAT is THAT is MY NEW BED?"Mozes road as fast as he could back to the cottage trying to catch up with Cuz Clyde. "Why Cuz Clyde...that is what you call a PIPPIT!" The Pippit was snoring to her hearts content, and all of a sudden Cuz Clyde began to cry. Mozes was shocked, for he had never seen a bear cry before in all his years in Nowhere! Mozes pulled a little hankie thing out of his pocket. He saved it for Bebe when she was in need...the hankie was the size of a sugar cube but perhaps it would help Cuz be continued...


The Dutchess said...

Cuz Clyde..O Yes...O mY....forgot all about be continued I'm sure...:))))

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

TEA RAT: WELL I'LL BE.....Mozes in overalls? I simply cannot wrap this concept around my head...why do animals wear CLOTHES?

RATTUS: WHY ON EARTH DO YOU NOT wear any clothes, and just those foul boots?????????? Cuz Clyde looks like a civil bloak; let's welcome him to Wits End for a spot of lunch.

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

HUH? Cuz you say! I had no idea.. So nice to meet you Clyde.. Love your red shirt.. I am sure you and Mozes have alot to catch up on.
Pie anyone?