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Friday, February 24, 2012

Gretta returns to Gothere

Gretta from Gothere has been in Nowhere for a very long time. For our readers that may not know, she left behind her precious home in Gothere to travel with her best friends to Nowhere. She had a boyfriend, his name was Raccoon but recently he took up camp with a little cute raccoon and Gretta has not seen his hind end since!

Gretta was thin way back when, but then she started eating blueberry pie and too many visits to Rattus and Tea Rat's home for tea and cheese got the best of her and everyone wondered why her tummy was growing so darn plump, Pippit Priceless noticed the bump first. Little did anyone know that our dear little Gretta was about to give birth. You see she took a trip back to Gothere and we never knew, but someone was there who loved her all along. He is unknown but one thing we know for sure, she did it right and what a sight when who should arrive but a wee little tike!

Gretta is currently tucked away in Gothere and her heart is so glad, because she has been looking for true love for years and years and now she has found it just before the month of February ends. Please meet little Gotcha from Gothere. Pure bliss, pure love has arrived!


The Bear's Blog said...

Oh, a baby, how precious she is. Welcome to the world, little one.


Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Gretta is a MUM???? OH MY !!
So nice to meet you little Gotcha.. My name is Bebe... How CUTE are you! Stay close to your mum... She will take good care of you..

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!! OUR FIRST GRAND IN NOWHERE!!!!!!!!! OK BEBE, GET TO IT!!! Wait, TEA RAT says in his BIG BROTHA voice that she is and forever will be a little girl...but GRETTA DEAR, YOU SLY OLD THING! Look at your baby...GOTCHA IS DANG CUTE!

Teeheee.......this is fun. Our first GRAND...I wonder who will be NEXT!!!


Ruben Rivera said...

By Tea Rat

Oh, I dropped my jaw
when saw Gotcha
I was stuck with awe
when I saw Gotcha
put paw on my maw
when I saw Gotcha
couldn't find a flaw
in sweet little Gotcha
and I'll gnaw on my paw
unless there's law
to give a hurrah
to dear Gretta's Gotcha

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

wooo hooo hoooo! Look at the poet!!!! GOTCHA, you gotcha a grand welcoming into the KINGDOM!!!

Lone Wolf Magazine said...

Seriously in love with you whimsical blog.

Lone Wolf Magazine

Christel Hutson said...

little gotcha is adorable..great job Gretta! I just love babies! How soon before we can teach him to jump in mud puddles?..I want that task. xoxo Hazel~

A Magical Whimsy said...

This is so funny...a play on words.
'Go There' 'Got here' and 'No Where' and 'Now Here' Gothere and Nowhere...I am in a quandary now with where to go! Here, there, no where, now here, got here, and go there!!! The baby hedge hog is soo precious!
Teresa in California