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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Cheese Squares and Bloomers

Once she made up her mind, her mind was made up!  Her stomach was crying out, her paws were in a scurry to follow the cheese squares to Nowhere...an afternoon delight of cheese which all would lead to the Castle of Butter and the beach beyond...Gretta came to a fork in the path...which way should a hedgehog travel?  Gretta's paw went to her mouth in awe...now what to do?  Apparently Gretta needed a pair of bloomers!  Gretta found herself in the land of reason.  #1 I am a lady!  #2 I must take notice!  #3 I must wear bloomers on the beach?  This could be a slight ordeal!  How does a hedgehog fit her spines into a pair of bloomers?
 I will NOT be defeated...I am on my way to The Castle of Butter and the beach.  I can hear the fishy calling my name!  What if I broke the rules and went to the beach with no bloomers?  What would the city ord. 72 think?  Who are they anyway?  Gretta had never ever never ever heard of the city ord. 72!
Gretta decided to sit and eat two more cheese squares and perhaps all her dreams would come true.  She made an executive hedgehog decision and that was to keep following the cheese square path until it lead her to the beach...
Minus bloomers, breaking the rules she traveled on to find Bebe...only twenty cheese squares left and she would be there!  Nibble nibble...nibble nibble...nibble nibble...perhaps she was feeling a bit full...nibble nibble, onward she stuffed herself...nibble nibble...
It is not easy being a hedgehog required to fit into bloomers just to go to the beach!


Angelsdoor * Penny said...

You made it Gretta!!! I knew you could find us... I know how difficult it can be for a wee hedgehog to put a pair of bloomers on.. So..... Alot of guests are skinny dippin! You will fit right in. I know NOTHING about this city ord. #72. We must keep a watch out for the beach police..

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

GRETTA! Oh dearest, it is so wonderful to see you! Tea Rat and Rattus were out all day long and missed your debut here, but we are here, SEA BOOTS and OLD-FASHIONED BATHING SUITS (for Rattus, the more modest chap!)

Summer is still strong and though some friends are away on holiday, Bebe is here, and us rats! LET'S JUMP IN!