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Monday, January 28, 2013

All Around Outfit!

Seems like I'm always running behind...I'm usually late for Birthday parties, our summer barbeques, I was late for Anita and Balzacs flight,..shoot, I bet I'd be late for my own wedding..well that's if I was to ever get married,  BBAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA  Like that's ever gonna happen! Boys ain't for me, nope not to marry anyway, I can beat 'em at marbles, soccer, baseball, stick ball, tree climbin', mud rastling.....well, just about any sport we play..guess that's why the boys always want me on their team..wow, where was I?..oh ya anyways, like I was sayin' I'm always running behind, so I had this plan, I made me an "all around outfit" Least that what I call it! What I mean is, I need an outfit..just one, that could work for any ol' party, or BBQ, or holiday, that way, I don't need to be late, rushing around, trying to find that outfit that fits that particular day! Sounds like a great idea huh? Well, tell me what ya think! I am just about done with it..it's my ALL AROUND OUTFIT. Perfect for a Birthday, Easter, Fourth of July, St Patty's Day, Halloween, summer BBQ's, Valentines Day, even Thanksgiving, and Christmas!! I think Nita and Bebe call it an  ( on som bull..).but I just call it an outfit! now when's that next get together? I might aughta write that down! toodle oohhh 
xoxox Hazel!


Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Oh Hazel!!! I call this an on-som-BELL! Now this is great.. It most certainly is an all around outfit.
I love the colors.. Do you think you could make me one, in a small please?
I think Tea Rat will be having a party soon, I would love to wear an on som bell designed by my buddy Hazel...
Love Bebe

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

HAZEL! GIRL, YOU ARE MY KINDA GIRL! I love to dress up in frilly outfits, but I love to kick a football or two, climb trees and race cars! WELCOME HOME HAZEL! YOU LOOK LOVELY!

TEA RAT: Hazel dearest, you look fit for tea time; please have a seat and let's chat about your comings and goings in the last year! We can munch on some biskies and drink some new teas I have discovered: CHOCOLATE STRAWBERRY (thanks Irina!) and COCONUT CHOCOLATE! Yes, come in your fine lace, then we can go and play a match of CRICKET!

So good to see you my dear!

Christel said...

hmmm, the tea and biscuts sound great, but I aint too sure about cricket?? I thought them were bugs! And Bebe, sweet tiny treasure, I would love to make an everyday outfit for you! You would be the Bell of the ball, I'm sure TeaRat would be inviting you to the table in a hot minute! xoxoxo Hazel