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Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Oh I know that wonder aroma anywhere! It's Gustave's cooking, and it is coming from Mr. C.'s labyrinth's kitchen! IT'S THE HARVEST DINNER AND WE ARE GOING TO MISS IT!!

Quickly, Mozes, we must run before they start without us! How are we ever going to get a letter over to Miss Moussie to tell her that we are slightly detained for a while, until we can find our way out of NOWHERE?

You see, everyone decided to put me on a leash, so that we could stay close together, especially after my little incident with the snow....

And now, we can't decide which way to go! I say left, Mozes says right; Racoon says go back from where we came and Gretta is in tears! We'll be there as soon as we come to an agreement at the crossroads! However, we know that we are near because the scent of pumpkin pie is calling us home!!


Jacqueline said...

I for one and one for all...cannot stand the fact our Tea Rat is on a leash. Poor Gretta needs a leash too, she wanders off and we may never find Nowhere between this bunch. However, I do believe I can smell the harvest dinner too...Ding Dong...come and get it!

Bonnie said...

Hurry, I am saving a fresh vege pot pie for you all. I even made a lattice crust to make it special. Just follow your nose.