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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tissy my lil giddy wizzy....

Whattsa up there big Mozes Bear? I don't member seeing that sign to nowhere....do we go write, I mean trite, or right or left at that sign upthere that spells whattsa say, hey..L E U C H F E U R E R...Is that the CBA...or the ABC spelled backwards Mozes Bear? Oh dares dos bears! They don't lookie anting like you Mozes bear? Whats wrong or write, I mean trite, or rightttttttttttt with those bears...they are FROZEN in time, oh me oh my! Lets git outta here!
Calm your little heart strings dear Gretta from Gothere. I'm not afraid of those small lil' bears. Were on our journey, come ye all along...we have the hill to climb to where we belong! Here's some huckleberries, they always calm dear Gretta down. Ride on my shoulder, and do not fear...MOZES BEAR IS HERE!

Oh for pitty sake, exclaimed the Tea Rat, another goose convention in our way...I'll make them move, out of my way!

There it tissy...my lil giddy wizzy...I'd like to play there on the way to nowhere! First one to the pot, I mean, spot, no I mean...TOP is a frozen biggggggg bear! We must wait for Tea Rat to return from his mission and then we'll all laugh our way to the POT, ha...I mean TOP, oh Gretta your so good at wishin!


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh dear....the likes of these two bears is just enchanting! Did they ever get through that goose convention? When these guys group together, it literally takes bulldozers to cut through them! Gretta is a darling....I know a little bit about her already!! Anita

Jacqueline said...

Yes, those Canadian Geese need a good rat like Tea Rat to scare them away. They can scare a little mousse or a Gretta girl out of their hair!