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Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Magical Mushroom Land

Oh missy my my...what is a hedgehog to do when she is so famished she is going to faint? Gretta awoke, hungry as a bear! Mozes had told her many stories of bear rumblings in the tummy and I do believe Gretta needed a sweet. While the others were looking at a book with no words...she couldn't figure it out and got so tired waiting...rubbin' her eyeballs she rolled down the hill to the wetlands. There before her eyes, on the path to Nowhere was The Magical Mushroom land. "I do believe I'm going to soon starve to death...I think I'll just take a wee bite of this polka dotted candy red mushroom!""YOU TWITT GRETTA...I told you never to bite at my roof top and now look what you have done!" Gretta fell backwards on her bottom and banged her noggin on a bottle and yelped out loud...Ouch! A wierd little man flew open the door yelling at the top of his lungs something that sounded like a blender whirling...saying bad things.
In a tizzy dizzy Gretta opened her mouth to apologize and some yummy blueberry tasting stuff dripped out of the bottle on her tongue. Oh...thats sooooooo gooooood....distyseettjkeklg...bllegeeel...ggood.dllgd...stoot!!!
Dear friend, our dear little Gretta from Gothere closed her eyes and fainted with four paws up! The Magical Mushroom Land had taken dear Gretta by surprise. As the little man marched over to her he pushed on her nose and kicked her ear...and Gretta did not respond. Gretta was in a deep deep sleep, dreaming of magical mushrooms and a raccoon that was dancing on the moon, and a bear that was doing cart wheels over a rainbow...there was a book flying, with no words and a couple of rats swimming in tea bags...Gretta had gone...to sleep....deep sleep, slumbering sleep....Will her friends ever find her?


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Dearest Gretta,
One must sniff and observe before one tastes!

Bonnie said...

I'm guessing poor Gretta did not read Alice in Wonderland!