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Sunday, November 1, 2009

The rescue

The mean old elf said, "That'l teach ya to eat my house. Let's see ya eat now. That magical potion will keep ya asleep until it pleases me to wake ya; and that'l be never. And if anyone tries to wake ya on their own, you'll be cursed to sleep forever."

Just then, Gretta's friends had come around the corner and heard what the elf had said. They hid themselves in the bushes so as not to be seen by the wicked old elf.

Racoon whispered to his friends: "What are we to do? How can we awaken Gretta? If we try to capture the old elf, he'll never give us the secret potion to awaken her."

Rattus: "Tea, old chap, I think it's up to you."

Tea: "Quite right. Listen here all of you. If we rescue Gretta, I think I might be able to break the spell. In my doctoral teasis there is a chapter on magical teas from faraway lands. There is a special blend of teas that will break sleeping spells. And as I never go on journey without my napsack of special travel teas, Gretta just may be in luck. I just hope I brought the right teas with me."

Racoon: "But how are we gonna get Gretta away from that awful elf?"

Mozes: "Leave that to me. I know what to do."

With that Mozes marched up to the elf and said: "What a lucky bear I be. I be hungrier than ever I 'member. What lucky me to run into a fat, juicy elf."

The elf trembled like hot pudding. "Please Mr. bear. Don't eat me. Looky here, there's something nice for ya to eat," said the elf pointing at the sleeping hedgehog.

Mozes: "She does look delish. But she has lot'sa spines, and I'll have to prepare her to eat, but you I can just eat now." Mozes started moving toward the elf.

"Looky here," said the elf desperately, "I promise to give ya this here magic stone that will give ya one wish."

Mozes: "Right. Gimme here that stone and I'll let you live, and I'll just be off with that there hedgehog for my supper."

The elf handed the magic stone to Mozes, but Mozes grabbed his hand and pulled the elf into his face: "You look here, you nasty little man. If I ever hear that you put any more spells on folks, I'll come back here and eat you, house and all. Are we clear?"

"Ye..ye...yes," said the elf, who promptly fainted for fright.

"Come on out," yelled Mozes to his friends. "He's the one asleep now. Tea, keep your napsack for another emergency. I can wake Gretta, and this nasty elf gave me the means to do it."

Mozes then walked calmly over to Gretta. He held the stone tight in his paw, closed his eyes and said: "I wish that Gretta would wake up with no harm done to her."

At that instant, Gretta opened her eyes, looked at her companions peering down at her and said:

"Is anyone else hungry?"

By Rattus Scribus©


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Brilliant. In times of trouble, Mozes is the man for the job; in times of breaking magic spells, Tea is our guy. A Th.D and a published teasis does come in handy in a practical way!!! BRAVO!

Bonnie said...

"the elf trembled like hot pudding" - would that be chocolate pudding old bean?

The Dutchess said...

Bravo....and now better run before this mean old Elf wakes up...

Té la mà Maria - Reus said...

very good blog, congratulations
regard from Reus Catalonia
thank you

Jacqueline said...

Oh my gosh...I'm laughing so hard...thank God for Rattus, and Tea and Raccoon and Mozes to the rescue! Our dear little Gretta is such a little dingy prickly wandering creature...she tries so hard to be good and really really needs all the help she can get.

Rattus Scribus said...

Gretta is too cute for words. Her spirit is so free and innocent that she unwittingly gets into trouble once in a while. Well, maybe more than once in a while. I had fun particularly giving the elf his unique voice as well as the voice of Mozes. And Gretta's "what's next" spirit after a brush with a fate worse than death is what endears me to her.