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Thursday, November 5, 2009


After a lovely lunch...peanut butter and jelly sandwiches...our company moved on..again following the road to Nowhere..

-Why are we all so quiet..asked Tea...we are wandering for about an our now and nobody spoke...
-Got nothing to say...mumbled Mozes
-Say what...said Tea...nothing to say..you are always full of stories...what's wrong my friend..
-O nothing...sighed Mozes..
-And what about you Gretta...why haven't I heard your cheerfull chipper..is this mushroom snack still bothering you.....Then,Tea got this marvelous idea.."Rattus"..he called..because Rattus was walking on his own...ahead of the troupe...admiring the landscape...or something like that..Rattus liked to be alone sometimes.."Rattus,old chap..I have something to say..
There was no answer..."Well,said Tea...another one lost his speech..now they are all speechless..I know just what we need on a moment like this..
Then out of his knapsack Tea emerged a violin....and started to play..
This was a big surprise...Music while you walk...marvelous!
Rattus- Tea dear fellow,I didn't know you played the violin..
Mozes- Tea,you made my day...a tune to sing too ...and do a little dance..
Raccoon-...Hey diddle diddle you realy can play that fiddle..
Gretta- Great..a dance in the meadow..Mozes ..could you teach me the polka...
Tea played and played..his heart was filled with joy...he was so happy he had learned to play the violin...he also could play the harp..but this little old thing didn't fit in his bag...


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh dearest Tea Rat, you are always filled with such hope and music in your heart! Yes, I think everyone is quiet at the moment because there was quiet a bit of brush in the forest about three miles back, and you know, Mozes whipped out his machete to cut back all the bushes and we all helped him gather the refuse to make way for our trail. Everyone is tired, hungry and Rattus is a thinking about what he is going to write in his empty book. And Raccoon, he is thinking about Gustaves biscuits, even after that splendid lunch of peanut butter and jelly! Your violin playing was exquisite dear fellow.....what else do you have in that nap sack of yours! Carry on everyone!!

Rattus Scribus said...

Rattus: Well, Tea, my old friend, you have succeeded in surprising me. Wherever have you been hiding that violin all this time? And the way you play that fiddle! Just the thing to break the silence and keep ours spirits up. Good form, I dare say.

Tea: It's been in my napsack all along, old bean.

Rattus: Emergency teas from around the world and a violin all in that little napsack? Listen here, if you tell me that you also have a harp in there, my brain will simply cease to function. But listen here old man, are you playing that violin or eating it?
Thanks for the laughs, Dutchess.

Jacqueline said...

We dare not skip a beat Dutchess. I must talk to Gretta about her wee accordian, she has left it back in Gothere, so now what...she would Gothere or continue to Nowhere or Get to Underthere? Lets just get some where! Your violin is magical music to my ears!

Itch2stitch.com said...

I just love the pic!!! suzie. x