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Thursday, December 9, 2010

"Ode To A Cheese Wedge"

"Ode to A Cheese Wedge"

By Rattus Scribus© 9 Dec 2010

Performed by Tea Rat

I think that naught on earth can please,

so much as a glorious wedge of cheese.

Naught girlish skip nor boyish romp,

can scarce compare with just one chomp,

of a-ged Cheddar's sharp report,

or Cottenham Stilton, brute forte.

Baked French Brie for mild of heart.

Dutchman's Edam, slightly tart.

Italian Livarno, cow or goat.

German Limburger, load the boat.

Queso de Cabra from fabled Seville.

Alouette de Paris, I remember her still.

Queijo Canastra de Minas Gerais.

Queso Blanco Mexicano on beans and rice.

Swedish Bjursholm from the milk of three Moose:

Juna, Haelga, and Gullan, but the price, an abuse.

Oh, so many cheeses, but so little time,

to evangelize the world to cheeses sublime.

Preach, “Blessed are the Cheesemakers” at home and abroad.

For cheese was inspired directly by God.

From towering mountain to bottomless sea,

tell every creature the power of cheese.

Whilst living on earth till to heaven transferred,

nothing compareth to processing curd.

Should the whole world forsake its call, faith and pledge,

I commit unto death, oh thee my cheese wedge.


Angelsdoor * Penny said...

OH MY WORD! This is GREAT!!!!
Love the poem, and look at you TEA RAT... You look, well, MAGNIFICENT!
I will follow you anywhere...

The Dutchess said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Dutchess said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Dutchess said...

Don't know what to say..this is MORE then marvelous.....Ruben you are better then Shakespeare and Hamlet..put together!!
I can see you sitting there ..in imagination surrounded by cheese..!

Dear TEA...you are a man to my heart..Hamlet and cheese..sigh...And how very dapper you look..If its ok with you ..could I hang this picture above my bed please...
In adoration..your Miss Moussie.

Love Love the drawing Nita..

p.s If you are wondering who deleted the previous comments..it was me....I was sooooo flabbergasted I got all confused..well three times lucky:)

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Dear Miss M.,

I would be most flattered if you hung my porttait over your little moussie bed; one day dear one, we shall share a crumb of cheese together and you shall be my Juliet and I your Romeo! teeeheee! But dear Miss M., I am an old rat now, not the same viril and wonderful rat you see before you in this snappy; but my HEART IS YOURS!!! TEA RAT

Jacqueline said...

And one piece of cheese leads to another and on and on we go with our cheese feast. No better way to spend the morning reading Rattus poetry and making merry laughter ring throughout my house.

Oh dear precious cheese wedge...

Where art thou Elfin Wine to accompany you?

The cheese and crackers marching band just passed and everyone in Nowhere is full to the brim.

What a great year it has been in Nowhere!
Cheer, cheer and tally Ho Ho...to the theater we go go!

Patricia Cabrera said...

As a former cheese maker , two words word- I agree!!!*grin*
Oh tea Rat and Ruben ... you both are wonderful together!!! So enjoy this!!!

Patricia Cabrera said...

Nita, Nita, I GOT my ticket on the mail TODAY!!!!!
Ohh you are something else....ahhhhh

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...


Jeri Landers said...

"But give me please,
A simple cheddar:
For of all the above,
I think it's better."

Just thought I'd add my 2cents worth. This Ode is GREAT! Here,here! Ditto..blessed ARE the cheesemakers!

June said...

I clicked and landed in this magical place called 'Nowhere'.
Such beautful drawings Ruben. I am a friend of your dear Anita's. I have wanted to visit for a long time, and so happy I did.

Ruben Rivera said...

Thanks everyone for your visits and comments.

I should note, however, that Anita is the artist of this Rat Pack: these cheese-chomping, tea-totaling, literature-loving, party-pumping, saga-spinning Rodent Rangers.