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Monday, January 10, 2011

A Priceless Interview

The road to Nowhere leads almost anywhere. The "It" had certainly caused a stir in Nowhere. Question were flying from every corner of the globe. So far, the "It" had only made a slight moan and a little peep. Mozes had finally calmed Raccoon down but he was still very cautious. The rats were arguing it out who, what, when and where did "It" come from!

Gretta decided she might just have a chat with the "It" and see what might come of it. An interview was in order! Oddly the "It" brought a mushroom with her. Gretta cleared her throat...HELLO It, oh excuse me, is your name It? The reply finally came...I live my life in full living color and the fact you all call me "It" is quite a fancy name. I think I will change my name! My name was Pippy...however, because you and that great big hunk of a bear saved me, I shall be called Pippit! Well, do you have a last name and are you a human? Heavens no, I am not a human. They are full of problems and pains and worries. I am full of joy but my mother always said I was full of beans. I think that is another word for mischief and yes...I have a last name! My full name is: Pippit Priceless! Oh! That's a splendid name! What are you doing? You've asked me enough questions for now little hedgehog. Let's not be so serious...lets PLAY...I'll grab this left over Christmas wreath and you grab that string of pearls and lets hula and hang from the ledge!

And so it goes in Nowhere...Pippit Priceless had arrived for a day or an hour or a lifetime. Nobody knew for sure but all knew one thing that they were in for some play! Would Rattus take off his coat and get jiggy wiggy? Tea Rat may need his tea spiked a bit to loosen up. Raccoon may be hopeless but maybe not...and look over there...Mozes was doing the hula already!


The Dutchess said...

Priceless post...:)))

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Oh yes Gretta.. Pippit IS priceless.

Christel Hutson said...

oh, what a relief it must be for everyone. Finding out what "it" was..and little Pippit is perfickt! I am sure she will delight all of the Nowhere gang, and each will come to love her for many reasons!

Ruben Rivera said...

A round of drinks to celebrate an end to the mystery: 78 Nowherian bucks.

What the heck, another round of drinks to celebrate an end to the mystery: 78 bucks.

Being blessed with a new friend named Pippit: Priceless.

Pip - pip, hooray!

Pip - pip, hooray!

Rattus & Tea Rat.

The Dutchess said...

Yeee..PIP PIP hooray from me too..and what did I hear today..is there another traveler joining us soon....How marvellous!!

*✿*millie meadowsweet*✿* said...

oh my goodness, i have goosepimples of enchantment running all over me. i know that now that i have discovered this place i shall never be the same again.
i am under the dizzy magic spell of creativity and feel inspired to visit my meadow,to talk to the folk that live there and bring back their news. i know they would love to hear yours, i am going to tell them now.

love and hugs to all xxx

millie & the meadow folk

*✿*millie meadowsweet*✿* said...

p.s. it will be hula-hula all the way for me today. i'll be doing the washing-up hula, the dog grooming hula, the tea-making hula and so on.

also pippit priceless is the most perfect name :o)

salwar said...

Nice toy.. its really good...