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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

IT'S....a what ya deget, gidget blue billows?

Look! I see a sign...could it be a hint to nowhere or is it a hint to somewhere overthere or underthere, it's overthere...what is Blue Billows? Where are you Mozes? Help us please we need your noses and pawses to guide us there... I see blue, or is it purple overthere. What in the world Mozes is it a bear??? Two bears??? Is it the three bears? Hide behind that rock, I smell a something....sweet, like honey...no no said Mozes...it smells kinda funny...overthere, and underthere, get behindthere I say!
Shhhhh....ITS not a bear I smell....IT'S sweeter than an ever bear...Lets not tell Miss Moussie, shes safe in her houssie...lets get out of here!

Over that bridge behind the big rock, it will take us to the Hollyhocks. We passed them there...oh what do I see sittin there? IT'S underthere, I see some underwear...something is hidding...there...I smell IT, it's a she some kind of bear! "WHERE? Racoon wailed? I'm scared!"

Shes in a little house, is it a mouse? Is it a bear? Oh land, Oh me, oh my...let me laugh until I cry said Mozes the bear...IT'S just my friend Gretta from the land of Gothere! I'm as happy as a bee stuck in honey! Yahoo...riddly rah...Hi Gretta Gothere! Mozes the bear, at your service!


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

That is sweet as pie! Our friends are discovering the best experiences and I think I like the different languages that are emerging here!!! Oh I love little Greta bear!! Anita

The Dutchess said...

Sweet as pie indeed..and speaking of Pie..;)