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Saturday, September 5, 2009


A Bear,a Rat and a Raccoon...wandering through the night...there was a chill in the air..Soon they would be in the midst of Autumn

-I wonder,Mozes said,I wonder my dear Raccoon friend..how did you get this strong..never in my life did anyone carry me..and how did you find us..are you also a traveler..
-I don't now,I don't know,and I am, answered..the little raccoon..
-O,you mean you alway's were,and you just did, and you are...said the Tea rat..
-Excuse me....now Mozes said ,looking very puzzled..
-Well, said the Tea rat,he means he is,and always was this strong,and he didn't have to surch because he just knew we were there,and he alway's was a traveler...
-When a traveler meets a traveler,they simply must travel together,that's what my father alway's told me,but I was afraid you wouldn't travel with me, so I just abducted you..gniffled the little masked creature..

Our three travelers walked and walked.....Isn't it time we took some rest...whilst saying this Mozes sat himself down under a tree..
Good idea..said the Tea rat,lets do..and you know...I could do with a cup of Tea,how about you..
-Why not, murmered a voice...Tea for three...and there before the eyes of our friends a teapot appeared on a crackling warm fire...


Anna said...

een blog van jou? maar gedeeld met anderen?
ik volg je in ieder geval...
leuk al die verhalen van/over je dieren, die maken zoveel mee!!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

OH I love this! A magic tea pot. The Tea Rat is overjoyed, being the tea monger and expert that he is....there is a full moon tonight. They will have plenty of light to guide them to a peaceful sleep. They are lucky that the temperature is calm, about 60 degrees low tonight....but no worries. If it dips down into the chillier temps, big Mozes has a thick coat in which the two little ones can curl up. Friendship....what a gift...we take care of each other! Anita

Jacqueline said...

Did you see the tin plate of berries over there under that 8 inch mushroom? I saw Mozes keen nose twitching wondering which way was that lovely smell coming from, here, there, over where? Tea, berries and the fireside friends. Content for the night for sure.